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Eight one-of-a-kind events for those who aren't into the standard swim, bike, run

Ötillö Swimrun is a grueling race series alternating long passages of open-water swimming with rugged runs of up to 40 miles. But unlike a triathlon, there’s no biking. That’s great news for W. Hodding Carter, a former collegiate swimmer who plans to qualify for the world championship. At age 56.

Evolutionary biologists weigh in on the eternal training dilemma of how to allocate time and energy to three different disciplines

She won Olympic gold in a sport that chose her. Can she do the same in the one she truly loves?

The company behind the smart bike helmet just launched a watch. Here's our take.

The vests, bags, belts, and more that top athletes use to stay primed while they push

What's so special about this limited special-edition P5X tri bike?

Shirin Gerami is Iran's first female triathlete and when she couldn't find clothes that would satisfy both her performance and her country, she had to make them.

Eric Lagerstrom competed in his first triathlon when he was just 12 years old. He turned pro at age 23, and he’s now a top competitor on the World Triathlon Series. He has also become a skilled videographer and often captures footage during his own races—using GoPros and drones.

Where triathletes can find the best online guidance

To take your skills next level, you'll likely need a little coaching. Turn to these instructional vlogs for expert techniques, advice on how to improve quickly and effectively, and pro-approved training plans.

A handful of endurance athletes on the food and gear they rely on at the start line

A new social media initiative has many prominent endurance athletes publicly speaking out against doping. But in order to affect real change, the initiative has to come from the top down.

In this video from Red Bull, Thomas shares how he stays focused and balances his various roles, plus his go-to workout, nutrition strategy and his tips for long-term fitness success.

Sarah Piampiano left a high-powered investment banking gig to train for triathlons full time. Five years later, she's a champion. Here's how she did it.

Last week, at the International Triathlon Union’s Grand Final, Jonny Brownlee nearly lost consciousness a quarter-mile from the finish line. This is the most recent example of a trend that seems to plague the sport.

The art and science behind the best training environments

First, they don't just tolerate it—they love it

The spirit of long-distance triathlons is being swallowed by behemoths like the World Triathlon Corporation. And it's our own fault.

James Lawrence, aka the Iron Cowboy, ran 50 Ironman triathlons in 50 days this summer. He did it all with his five young children in tow.

What the purchase by a Chinese billionaire means for the sport

James Lawrence completed 50 Ironman distance events in 50 states in 50 consecutive days to bring attention to childhood obesity.

Nobody knows exactly what Ironman will do now that the government has shuttered the Kona lottery, but we have a proposal: use those extra entry spots to grow women's racing.

Leadville, Western States, and the New York Marathon all use some type of lottery system to determine entrants as well

I enjoy beer in moderation, even when training for races. But I have friends who stop drinking entirely for a month leading up to the big day. Are they on to something?

Having a nemesis can up your game big time. But choose wisely

Their genius is unquantifiable. That's a lesson Triathlon Australia learned the hard way.

New research is helping athletes engineer their own flow state

It's time pro women got an equal number of slots to compete in triathlon's premiere World Championship event.

I got myself a sport watch and it came with a chest strap. I'm tempted not to use the strap because heart rate training seems difficult. Any tips for making it simple?

Pro photographer Larry Rosa looks for pain, postcards, and the hidden stories within every endurance race.

Or is another mysterious condition to blame for deaths during the swim leg? A new report unveils a long-misunderstood killer.

Tips from pro triathlete Timothy O’Donnell

The 33-year-old triathlete is American's best hope to reclaim Ironman Kona.

For one 41-year-old Australian triathlon champion, retiring just meant taking a break.

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