Brand teases 1,000 horsepower, zero emissions truck in Super Bowl ads

Towing a trailer will allow you to transform your vehicle into one that can haul thousands of pounds of outdoor equipment

Four-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, tires, ground clearance, and weight distribution. Let’s settle this debate once and for all.

Thinking of taking your next road trip overseas? Keep these five tips in mind for your next overlanding adventure.

So you want a rooftop tent? Here's what you need to know before deciding which type best suits your needs.

This adjustable truck bed rack is a great alternative to traditional roof racks for any truck

Crossbars, boxes, and other roof systems can turn even the smallest vehicle into a full-on adventuremobile

If you're looking for a proper off-road trailer that won't require taking out a second mortgage, this tow-behind model is the one for you

For most drivers, the Toyota Land Cruiser is the worst possible car. But for a very small number of you, it might just be the best truck ever.

What kind of car do you need if you're Wes Siler's fiancée? The answer is obvious: a 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser.

These eight items will keep you and your adventure rig on the road longer and give you peace of mind when venturing off the beaten path

Tesla’s first electric pickup is even more outlandish than we could have expected

The GoFastCampers Platform isn't just a rooftop tent or bed topper. It'll transform your pickup into a better truck.

'Search' is an overlanding film shot in the dramatic landscapes of Colorado and California

The most reliable partner I've ever had

More than just zero emissions, these new American-made electric trucks will out perform your SUV off-road and on

Overwhelmed by crowds of people sleeping in their vans and trucks, outdoor dream towns are taking actions that could end a way of life

You don't have to go with the newest, spendiest rig

Ford Rangers, Toyota Tacomas, and the like all make great adventuremobiles—with a little help

Bryan Rogala introduces us to the world of buying and importing a 25-year-old adventure rig

Real-world experience in the hands of an expert who drives the Ranger off-road every single day

Including which work best in certain situations and what they'll cost you

What you do with it is so much more important than whatever car you buy

Bryan Rogala gives some quick advice for driving your adventure vehicle through the muck

If your budget is somewhere between $3,000 and $1.5 million, there's a rig here for you

Leaving the highway behind? Here's how to stay safe when driving gets adventurous. 

Bring less than you think you'll need, and put it back where you found it

Here's a guarantee: if you show up to Overland Expo West, you'll of course see some incredible Jeeps and Toyota Tacomas. But the real way to take in this annual gathering in Flagstaff, Arizona, is to walk past the cliché Sprinter van build-outs and keep your eyes peeled for the trucks, vans, and other four-wheel-drive campers that are one of a kind. We spent all weekend tracking down some of these gems.

After an especially brutal winter in Colorado, Independence Pass needs a team of seven heavy-equipment operators, an avalanche forecaster, and a surveillance crew to make the road passable

No vehicle is more maligned, yet no vehicle is more useful

Learn about the different types of adventure vehicles and basic upgrades for your stock rig.

Make your next four-wheeled adventure more than an extra-long commute with one of these new vehicles

Spoiler alert: it's by far the most capable pickup truck ever made

Believe it or not, the brand and badges are irrelevant

Ratchet straps, bungee cords, a tarp, and some organization required

The total package is just much more convincing than the Tacoma or Colorado, and probably more practical than the Jeep Gladiator

Nothing is more important to your car, truck, or SUV's performance than the rubber you put on—or off—the road. These are the basics you need to know.

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The weather can be gnarly, but that doesn’t stop New Englanders from suiting up and venturing out.

Rigs for going far, far afield and taking all your gear with you

Getting stuck in the snow is never fun, but we’ve got some tips and tools to get you out quickly.

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