I spent three months camping with the trailer, which costs a fraction of most of its competitors. Here’s what I found.

Buttoned down, the camper on this Defender 110 ($54,650) doesn't look like much. But once the top goes up and the sides slide out (just like an RV), there's enough room for a bed, shower, toilet, and kitchen. Out back, a rack drops down for an instant wood deck. The whole setup process…

The door handles are water bottles and the arm rest is a sleeping bag

This is what happens when Woolrich designs a camper

When Ford sent a new Raptor to test, it obviously made sense for me and the 61-year-old adventurer to take it into the desert for two days of high-speed power slides, campfire-cooked steaks, and tequila.

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Snow, ice, and slush—oh my! Presenting five basic tips on how to navigate inclement weather this season.

Why winter-specific rubber is the most important thing you can buy to make driving in inclement weather safer

New uses for your old camping stuff

We caught up with the pros at Four Points Adventures at Tepuifest to learn about the five things every overlander should have in the backcountry.

Presenting 11 tested (and totally excessive) parts for the dream ride

The best off-road truck ever just got much better

Our Latin American neighbor remains the last bastion of total freedom outdoors

Don't get me wrong: it's a fantastic truck. But if you really want to get it dirty, cutaway bumpers and complicated suspension won't make up for the lack of aftermarket support.

Chevy just designed the perfect surfmobile

Chevy debuted its new Colorado ZR2 on Tuesday night at the L.A. Auto Show and the truck (available April 2017) is clearly designed to dethrone the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro as America’s mid-size, off-road vehicle of choice.

From picking the right vehicle to carrying the right stuff to planning the right itinerary

If you mashed a Jeep and truck together, this is what you'd get

An old-school Land Cruiser that's perfect for hauling mountain bikes

Nissan plans to build a truck specifically for search and rescue teams

Old-school toughness takes on modern performance in the Australian Outback

The Army's next troop carrier might be fueled by hydrogen

We wanted to know why certain cars win in certain states, so we called the people who track the stats

The next generation of adventure vehicles will be unstoppable, off-road beasts

For its fifth generation, Land Rover returns off-road capability to the Discovery

Life in the slow lane, with a first-generation Land Rover Discovery

We've long loved Land Cruisers. This new model is supremely capable—for an eye-watering high price.

Now with DNA from the company's iconic Patrol 4x4

You might have seen more Toyota four-wheel drives than normal on the roads around Ouray, Colorado, this past week. That’s because the town just hosted the annual FJ Summit, where Toyota owners gather with their FJ Cruisers, Tacomas, and 4Runners to drive the area’s many scenic high-alpine passes.

It's relatively fuel efficient and also wildly capable

The answer is complicated. Here’s everything you need to know.

The short answer? It depends on where you drive.

Rooftop camping just got even more convenient, thanks to this sleek hardshell design

Pro mountain bikers Macky Franklin and Syd Schulz are proving that living on the road full time doesn’t have to cost a fortune

For good reason, the Toyota Tacoma is one of the most popular overland vehicles, boasting the best of off-road capabilities and surrounded by stories of immortality

With rock rails, built-in LEDs, and 18-inch mud tires. Oh my.

Told you you were in for some vehicular schadenfreude

We tested the 2016 Toyota Tacoma around Santa Fe, New Mexico, pushing its off-road capabilities to the limit.

A $70,000 4WD SUV convertible? Yeah, it's weird and yeah, it's niche. But if you like to go far, far into the backcountry in comfort and with the top down, this is your rig.

Rumor has it that this iconic SUV might make a comeback, so fans are making suggestions for what they'd like to see

The company's head designer talks about next-gen vehicles hidden in new designs

Plenty of truck to handle shuttle duty for decades to come

A stem-to-stern reboot that was well worth the wait

A sporty diesel Range Rover. A mightily efficient Chevy truck. A hybrid Volvo SUV. The options for rolling to and from your favorite playgrounds have never looked better.

It’ll roll over nearly anything and doubles as a boat

Someone added a third axle to the Hilux making it a total off-road beast

This van comes stock with everything you need for the ultimate surf trip

About a year ago, ​29-year-old Stephan Shay lost his full-time job. But then he found an 18.5-foot vintage rig named Lolita.

We’d gladly put this beautiful machine through its paces in the far north

It's beautiful, fuel efficient, powerful, and reliable. Read: It's everything you could ever want in a truck

Perfect for weddings at the ski area or on muddy forest roads

Buy it for weekend cruises. But mostly because it'll look good in your driveway.

EarthCruiser makes some of the most incredible and capable vehicles on the planet. Based on a 4-wheel-drive Mitsubishi Fuso platform, the EarthCruiser FX averages 15 miles per gallon, has a 1000 mile range and can carry enough fresh water to keep you off the grid…

Our first impressions of the all-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma

We can't all afford vanlife. But we can rent it.

Now we can all (basically) have the car of our dreams

Warm, tiny living with room for you and a guest.

With 2,000 square inches of cooking space, this is the mother of all meat smokers.

HooDoo Brewing Company's adventure beer mobile is the stuff of legends.

The number-one selling vehicle in the country sets a new standard for safety and fuel efficiency

The 6 rules you must follow before embarking on a life on the road

Or is this $280,000 splurge the ultimate off-road rolling home?

The country's national parks aren't bastions of wild serenity. After all, there were more than 3,700 violent crimes in 2013 alone. But how much protection is too much?

Automakers are back with a vengeance—serving up the most advanced, fuel-efficient, and intelligent crop of new cars and SUVs we've ever seen. Additional reporting by Roman Mica and Michael Sheena.

The best thing about the auto-industry shake-up? A sudden glut of well-priced, fuel-efficient, and adventure-ready cars and trucks.