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After a monthlong test, our writer came away optimistic about the technology's potential, though GoPro still has some kinks to iron out with the first edition

A software update from the action-cam maker finally makes good use of the Hero5 Black's GPS

It shoots regular and 360-degree 4K video, combining features normally packaged in two different cameras

A (relatively) affordable pro-level Red camera

Most U.S. resorts have adopted a no-drone policy. Here’s what you need to know about where and when recreational UAVs can fly.

From a supercharged light for a GoPro to a bike light that actually keeps you safer, these are our nine favorite little things for the gadget geek in your life.

The new action-cam add-on takes the wiggle out of your adventure footage

Pro-quality shots, without the post-production software headache

Meet the creative mastermind behind the tiny camera that elevated the first-person narrative and made POV fiends of us all

The company's new app makes sharing footage to social easier than ever

Sick Footie: A visual recording worth replaying for others.

At 2.6 ounces and just over an inch cubed, the Session will go places no other GoPro has gone before

Take a deep dive with your action cam

Six innovative tools to keep your favorite hiking buddy safe on the trail

A man filmed the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake with six GoPros. The result: A stunning and terrifying virtual-reality depiction of the devastation that could change how we document natural disasters forever.

The action-cam maker announced a new camera array to capture virtual-reality footage and its long-awaited drone, to be released in 2016. The catch: it's for pros only at the moment.

A throwable, auto-pilot drone to capture the ultimate POV shots.

Capture pro-quality images with affordable high-tech tools.

The navigation giant just built a damn good POV camera. Here’s everything you need to know about the new GoPro rival.

GoPro, Garmin, and Shimano are jockeying to capture the action from the pro peloton. It's a fierce war, and the company in the lead will surprise you.

These cameras have survived 10,000-foot drops out of planes and spent months underwater unscathed. How do they do it?

The leader in navigation is taking a second shot at action cams

Stop using that beat-up suitcase—and pack your new luggage with these foolproof essentials

Recent stock market activity may be a warning of future problems for the action-cam giant.

Chinese company Xiaomi just launched a camera that—on paper—rivals the entry-level GoPro.

Marriott’s new relationship with GoPro is good for its guests, but it also means that your favorite action cam is no longer just for outdoor adventurers.

In a new effort to protect national parks and wilderness areas from commercial photography, the feds have started going after amateur filmmakers with big social media followings.

A hundred cameras, a big crew, and a brand new live-streaming technology made this year's games more fun than ever.

Pimp your GoPro with these five add-ons.

While most of us won't be paddling into Mavericks with a GoPro on the nose of our board, there are ways to maximize the camera's life while using it to capture less-extreme footage.

The company is growing up fast—and it's not all about action sports anymore.

We tested GoPro's latest action camera in the waters of New Zealand—and found out that it's as much of a game changer as the rumors have led you to believe

New gear, featuring better mounting, portability, and durability, to capture your most epic days

Cycling isn't always spectator-friendly. But the UCI's decision to allow on-the-bike cameras at the Tour de France might just change how you view the sport.

Click but don’t share when you’re on safari

Tech to ensure you thrive on the sand and in the water this summer.

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