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On a bike-hike-scramble epic from his front door to the summit of a fourteener, Colorado-based climber Ryan Wichelns races the weather

The Ultra gets a titanium case, sapphire face, significantly better battery life, and better GPS and off-grid route-tracking features, making it a much more robust backcountry tool

You’d be hard pressed to find a better adventure companion than the Fenix 6. This do-everything GPS watch is packed with features for every kind of activity, whether in town or high in the mountains: wrist-based heart rate, a gajillion sport modes, smart notifications and of course, excellent navigation. Our…

After months of testing, it’s proven to be everything I need for adventuring. And then some.

The company’s newest flagship timepiece promises astounding battery life as well as efficient solar charging, and it comes with a flashlight

We included the Venu in our 2020 Winter Buyer’s Guide roundup of the best smartwatches. It has over 20 preloaded sport modes, a built in GPS, and can store music. It also has an incident detection feature which will direct a paired phone to dial an emergency contact in…

It’s one of the lightest, thinnest adventure-sport watches on the market. Here’s what our editor thought.

These stylish pieces are ready for adventure

Six items that keep me self-sufficient while traveling

It's more affordable than the Series 6 and comes with the most important features

A socially distant competition can be just the right amount of motivation

These timepieces are ready to get down to business

Timepieces that check all the boxes

Form•Function•Form took the simple and sleek Timex Weekender Chronograph watch face and paired it with a tanned Horween leather strap to make a winning combo. A solid choice for everyday wear, the Weekender line is among our favorites .

Last week the two companies signed an acquisition deal. Does this mean we'll see a Google smartwatch soon?

The Spartan Sport Baro is one of our favorite pieces of trail running gear. The watch not only tracks distance, pace, and heart rate—it also provides barometric pressure, altitude, elevation gain, and recovery time. Plus, it has 80 different sport modes and is water resistant up to 100 meters.

New and revamped classics for adventurous wrists

The LQ139 has everything I need and nothing I don't

NASA picked the Omega Speedmaster for the Apollo missions. It can surely handle your weekend adventures.

Timepiece connoisseurs disdain these battery-powered tools, but that doesn't mean you should

Five casual timepieces that offer a pop of color and don’t mind a swim

Dive-oriented timepieces are more capable than ever

When it comes to wearables, go easy on the bells and whistles

In the age of the smartphone, a timepiece that displays the hour in multiple time zones imbues a measure of worldly sophistication and sense of adventure

Hold on to your fitness goal harder than ever before with this data-driven bundle from Garmin. It combines a multisport GPS heart rate monitor watch with an HRM-Tri heart rate chest strap to deliver top-notch results after every workout. The watch is great for everyday use too—smart notifications hit the…

A first look at the standout timepieces from the industry’s biggest event

With a new line of premium watches, Garmin aims upmarket

Simple rules for keeping your timepiece ticking

This lightweight GPS watch calculates heart rate, pace, and mileage, and shows incoming texts. …

Classy performers that are equally at home in the lift line and back at the lodge

A legit flagship watch, but it needs a firmware fix

The luxury brand partners with the Explorers Club to support far-flung scientific journeys

(Courtesy Citizen) Citizen Promaster Tough ($495) Badass brothers and clumsy cousins alike will dig the aptly named ­Citizen Promaster Tough. The reason: it has a shock-resistant case with a hardened coating that’s five times more resilient than regular stainless steel. Therefore it’s almost impervious to scratching and also staves off…

From backpacks to boxers, this gear will last you a lifetime

It’s easy to overlook the thing that straps a timepiece to your wrist, but you do so at your peril

Timepieces that look good and play hard

The latest fitness bands are smarter and svelter than ever

A proper timepiece can handle adventure and look just right back in the office

The upgrade offers more accurate fitness tracking as well as new smart features, like quick notifications

Alpina's new offering is a breakthrough for the industry—which is probably why it was launched on Kickstarter

Our world is more digital everyday, but humans are analog creatures

For decades, brands have been on a quest to develop ever more capable timepieces so they can capture your imagination

New tech automatically adjusts settings to keep the watch in tracking mode longer, without sacrificing accuracy

The family of three watches gets even fancier navigation features, and the 5X Plus gets a pulse oximeter

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This marks the brand's first attempt at an affordable, fitness-oriented wearable

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How Ray Maker, a man with no formal journalism training, built DC Rainmaker, with an audience of millions and the power to make or break your next running watch

Twice as strong as most stainless steel alloys yet half as light, titanium makes sense for watch building

The gift of a watch says “You’re special.” The gift of the WeWood Laguna timepiece ($320) says “You’re one of a kind.” Italian manufacturer WeWood uses remnant hardwoods, so no trees are cut down to get that handsome, grainy bezel and band. For the Laguna, the brand reclaimed oak from…

A watch made from bamboo.

Rugged, refined timepieces for nights out, the depths, and, yes, even space.

A watch infused with flowers and moss.

Time does not have to equal a ton of money

Eight exceptional new timepieces

A watch that pays tribute to America's first fighter pilots.

These luxury watches look nicer than your Fitbit and are just as smart

Make the most of your weekday nights

Wrist computers finally show their style

Watches that mix modern technology with old-school appeal

A new fleet of wearables meet the data needs of all kinds of players

Timepieces that help you do everything from call in the helicopters to dive (safely, of course) for hidden treasure

This watch comes with 10 feet of paracord

This watch comes packaged in a steel cage

A military inspired watch, with style

This watch is making walking-talkies cool again

If you love Smokey Bear, you need this watch

Fall’s stealth timepieces are burly, technical, and 100 percent badass

Groundbreaking designs and updated classics for every wrist. (Tissot) Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Here’s something new under the sun: the first solar-powered touchscreen watch. The Expert Solar’s spare, Euro-cool design and titanium case conceal a wealth of useful digital gadgetry behind its analog face, like an altimeter, a weather monitor, and…

Loyal wrist warriors for whatever you get up to

Everything from basic bump protection to bomber cases designed to keep your Watch safe from rocks, dirt, and water