The feature-loaded, do-it-all smartwatches that give elites a competitive edge

The tools to help you survive the 9-to-5

How Ray Maker, a man with no formal journalism training, built DC Rainmaker, with an audience of millions and the power to make or break your next running watch

Twice as strong as most stainless steel alloys yet half as light, titanium makes sense for watch building

The gift of a watch says “You’re special.” The gift of the WeWood Laguna timepiece ($320) says “You’re one of a kind.” Italian manufacturer WeWood uses remnant hardwoods, so no trees are cut down to get that handsome, grainy bezel and band. For the Laguna, the brand reclaimed oak from…

A watch made from bamboo.

Rugged, refined timepieces for nights out, the depths, and, yes, even space.

A watch infused with flowers and moss.

Time does not have to equal a ton of money

Eight exceptional new timepieces

A watch that pays tribute to America's first fighter pilots.

These luxury watches look nicer than your Fitbit and are just as smart

Make the most of your weekday nights

Wrist computers finally show their style

Watches that mix modern technology with old-school appeal

A new fleet of wearables meet the data needs of all kinds of players

Timepieces that help you do everything from call in the helicopters to dive (safely, of course) for hidden treasure

This watch comes with 10 feet of paracord

This watch comes packaged in a steel cage

A military inspired watch, with style

This watch is making walking-talkies cool again

If you love Smokey Bear, you need this watch

Fall’s stealth timepieces are burly, technical, and 100 percent badass

Groundbreaking designs and updated classics for every wrist. (Tissot) Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Here’s something new under the sun: the first solar-powered touchscreen watch. The Expert Solar’s spare, Euro-cool design and titanium case conceal a wealth of useful digital gadgetry behind its analog face, like an altimeter, a weather monitor, and…

Loyal wrist warriors for whatever you get up to

Everything from basic bump protection to bomber cases designed to keep your Watch safe from rocks, dirt, and water

Durable timepieces for life on the go

We review the top six timepieces for everyone from surfers to backcountry skiers

In Jay Blahnik's first extended interview since Apple hired him to help launch the Watch, the company’s director of fitness for health technologies insists activity tracking is overemphasized, elite athletes have a sitting problem, and the real breakthrough apps for the device will probably be created outside of Cupertino.

Garmin Forerunner 201: The world’s first all-in-one GPS-enabled running watch, released in 2003 by Kansas navigation company Garmin.

Suunto Vector: The original smartwatch.

The Best Watches of 2015.

Full-featured watches for smarter training

The $66,000 “Dark Knight” of watches

The hardware was mostly predictable, but the software could transform workout data

Designed for West Coast hipsters

This titanium-body chronograph is the smallest, sharpest-looking personal beacon we’ve seen.

Shows ideal tides, wave size, and wind direction

I’m looking for something waterproof and rugged for the ocean, but that polishes up for a meeting at work.

Luminox’s Field Watch ups the baditude factor.

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