Keenan was a legend in the sport—and is the first rescue diver to die while freediving

The race takes place on a section of the Payette River in Idaho known as Jacob’s Ladder, which is famous for its massive features. This year, the record runoff had some competitors worried.

From Director Ben Gulliver and Poolhouse Creative, The Sea Wolf is a feature length film about surfing some of the most obscure places on the globe.

Peter Grubb, founder of Row Adventures, talks about embracing the lifestyle, getting the certifications, and making it pay

Rafa Ortiz and Red Bull are known to get into some pretty ridiculous antics together, but this hilarious new video may top them all.

Along the way, they encountered a few locals hunting with golden eagles, intense whitewater sections, and a ruthless climate. In the words of Schusler, "This was not an adventure these young lads would soon forget."

Jesper Stechmann is a World Champion Freediver who was raised in Denmark. From the ripe age of six years old, he began holding his breath under water and since then, he's lived much of his life under the surface of the water.

With only a few inches of the boat above water Jimmy Carter and his mentor Claude Terry, co-founder of American Rivers, completed the first tandem canoe descent of Bull's Sluice rapid.

From Felt Soul Media and YETI, 120 Days follows tarpon guide David Mangum who's reputation in the area borders on scary.

This film underscores the connection between the human spirit and paddling canoes.

Our Play Now series highlights an epic POV clip so you can get in on the action even when you're stuck behind a desk. This incredible footage comes from professional kayaker Ben Marr who was on the Zambezi River directly underneath Victoria Falls.

Our new favorite way to spend time on the water.

In this episode of Redington's Find Your Water series, the crew takes us to Billings, Montana, an industrial town with incredible access to the outdoors

'A Moment Longer,' from filmmaker Evan Adamson, follows surfer Tommy Witt down to the northern shore of Costa Rica.

After years of diving competitively, Francisco Del Rosario realized that it had distracted him from the foundations of the sport: clarity of mind, the inexplicable sensations, and to visit another world beneath the waves.

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For big-wave surfer and North Shore native Mark Healey, life has always revolved around the water.

Pete Correale has given his life to spending countless days in the ocean. From this foundation, he began guiding spearfishing trips all over the globe.

When Raymond Stansel was busted in 1974, he was one of Florida's biggest pot smugglers. Facing trial and years in prison, he jumped bail, changed his name, and holed up in a remote Australian outpost. Even more remarkable than that? His second life as an environmental hero.

In a multimedia production from Junkie XL and Red Bull Media House, Wavey Waters presents an alternative look at music.

In this series from Dior, Tales of the Wild brings you into the lives of four men who are truly wild.

In a new film by NRS and We Are Hungry, a crew of French kayakers travels to the frigid waters of Iceland.

Nick Lavecchia is a surf photographer in Maine. Watch as Lavecchia shares why this place is so inspiring for him, despite the bitter winters and unpredictable surf.

Even if protesters resist evacuation orders and police actions, they’ll still face the difficulty of living outside in North Dakota

Mercedes now makes Bond-like luxury yachts

Filmmaker Jessica Peterson traveled to the falls with her husband ten years ago and was determined to come back and film it and the mile-high mist it emits, and this was the result.

A new book and movie explore the causes, legacy, and drama of the oil spill. But neither probe deeply enough.

Stringing a hammock across a canyon above a waterfall just screams summer fun. For filmmaker Ryan Harris and friends, Gibbons Whistler was the perfect spot to shoot "British Columbia: Adventure is Waiting".

Rising Tide, from filmmaker Alex Goetz, explores the Meso-American reef around Roatan and Utila in Honduras.

Power players from around the world don't subsist on oatmeal alone. We asked athletes to share the hometown dishes that are still part of their training diet.

On the other side of the glossy sport are skilled craftsmen who keep the boats afloat. We visited one crowded workshop in the village of Greenport, New York, to see where the magic happens.

It’s like kite surfing, but with an octocopter

Attaching a rope with handlebar to a powerful drone, they invented the new unofficial sport of #DroneSurfing.

Chapter One, a new film about the origins and legacy of kiteboarding, seeks to establish the sport as a powerhouse in the action and adventure sports world

When his daughter developed a serious form of arthritis, Logan Ward watched her drop out of sports and lose confidence. The one place she could still move with ease was underwater, and he decided to push her boundaries with one of the world’s most high-risk sports: freediving.

Here’s how to live the lake life, without investing in waterfront real estate

A film about the beauty and powerful draw of water

The greatest thing about the Pacific Northwest is how much accessible adventure hides in the creases of its maps.

Butt sores, huge waves, and being in the middle of nowhere barely scratch the surface

For years, Chuck Thompson dreamed of picking some random spot on the map of British Columbia and plunging in for an adventure. He got all he could handle and more on the Klinaklini River, a Class V rager that cuts through heavily forested wilderness north of Mount Waddington. In fact, he's lucky he got out alive.

About 100 people in the U.S. drown after being sucked out to sea in rips each year, and new research has experts arguing over how best to escape them. Australia has figured it out, why haven’t we?

Inspired by Japanese Ofuro soaking tubs, it’s made from red cedar and aluminum and takes 2.5 hours to heat

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