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Even if protesters resist evacuation orders and police actions, they’ll still face the difficulty of living outside in North Dakota

Mercedes now makes Bond-like luxury yachts

Filmmaker Jessica Peterson traveled to the falls with her husband ten years ago and was determined to come back and film it and the mile-high mist it emits, and this was the result.

A new book and movie explore the causes, legacy, and drama of the oil spill. But neither probe deeply enough.

Stringing a hammock across a canyon above a waterfall just screams summer fun. For filmmaker Ryan Harris and friends, Gibbons Whistler was the perfect spot to shoot "British Columbia: Adventure is Waiting".

Rising Tide, from filmmaker Alex Goetz, explores the Meso-American reef around Roatan and Utila in Honduras.

Power players from around the world don't subsist on oatmeal alone. We asked athletes to share the hometown dishes that are still part of their training diet.

On the other side of the glossy sport are skilled craftsmen who keep the boats afloat. We visited one crowded workshop in the village of Greenport, New York, to see where the magic happens.

It’s like kite surfing, but with an octocopter

Attaching a rope with handlebar to a powerful drone, they invented the new unofficial sport of #DroneSurfing.

Chapter One, a new film about the origins and legacy of kiteboarding, seeks to establish the sport as a powerhouse in the action and adventure sports world

When his daughter developed a serious form of arthritis, Logan Ward watched her drop out of sports and lose confidence. The one place she could still move with ease was underwater, and he decided to push her boundaries with one of the world’s most high-risk sports: freediving.

Here’s how to live the lake life, without investing in waterfront real estate

A film about the beauty and powerful draw of water

The greatest thing about the Pacific Northwest is how much accessible adventure hides in the creases of its maps.

Butt sores, huge waves, and being in the middle of nowhere barely scratch the surface

For years, Chuck Thompson dreamed of picking some random spot on the map of British Columbia and plunging in for an adventure. He got all he could handle and more on the Klinaklini River, a Class V rager that cuts through heavily forested wilderness north of Mount Waddington. In fact, he's lucky he got out alive.

About 100 people in the U.S. drown after being sucked out to sea in rips each year, and new research has experts arguing over how best to escape them. Australia has figured it out, why haven’t we?

Inspired by Japanese Ofuro soaking tubs, it’s made from red cedar and aluminum and takes 2.5 hours to heat

From Timber To Tide is a short documentary from Pixillion that profiles Ben Harris, a traditional wooden boat builder in Cornwall, UK. In the doc, Harris, who says that his first word was “log,” reflects on how he acquired his woodworking skills through the years and talks about the…

Everything you need to know about the upcoming Chicago race

We found the guide-worthy gear. The fishing skill is all on you.

You're going to fill every free day—from Memorial Day through Labor Day—with wild races, delicious food and drink, good music, and an abalone or two

One ultrarunner who keeps getting lost at sea has all but proven that trying to pedal a giant hamster ball across the ocean is not a good idea

"I can't wait to see him on the river for the first time. That first wave that comes over the boat. Best thing in the world."

As a tributary to the Klamath River, Blue Creek is a cold-water lifeline for some of the greatest salmon and steelhead runs remaining on the West Coast.

Protect your piggies in the wet

A DIY boat made of paddleboards and hammocks

"No one else from your previous life—before you start doing this—really understands what it is you're doing."

A full-face snorkeling setup that lets you breathe from both your nose and mouth when underwater

Jeff Maassen began harvesting sea urchins from the waters surrounding the Channel Islands of Santa Barbara, California, more than three decades ago, and if he has his way, he'll never stop.

Whirlpools, piranhas, and malaria don’t even make the list

The San Joaquin is Central California’s largest river, but runs “bone-dry” in stretches due to dams, levees, and excessive water diversions, threatening the habitats, agriculture, and communities that are dependent on the river. In Walt, from Justin Clifton and American Rivers,…

Flowing along the southern border of the rugged Kalmiopsis Wilderness, the North Fork of the Smith River is one of the most beautiful stretches of river in the U.S.—and one of the most endangered. Proposed nickel mining in the headwaters of the Smith River threatens its…

The third annual International Ocean Film Tour brings water sports and environmental films back to the big screen. The tour kicks off on March 12 in Hamburg, Germany. You can follow tour updates on Facebook here.

The iconic shoes, now made to be worn in the rain and snow

Two weeks ago, Kelly Slater proved man-made waves are no longer just for waterparks

Long breath-holds put beginner freedivers at risk of abnormal cardiac rhythms

The 21-year-old stumbled on photography just a few years ago through his mom’s 1990’s DSLR. Since then, he’s developed a speciality in capturing simplistic, outdoor scenes around much of the American South.

It’s a bed, in a tiny boat, on the water

A stately machine that’s fit for a king—or a conniving president

On Sunday, the world's greatest freediver—a 13-year veteran of the sport, holder of 41 world records—descended to a modest depth of about 130 feet. She hasn't been seen since.

The six swim trunks you should be wearing this summer

Makers of this crowdsourced device say it can save you from drowning

Take a deep dive with your action cam

First there was an algae-based surfboard. Now we have El Portobello—a sustainable board you can grow yourself.

The stigma is gone. For years, canned beers were derided for their metallic taste. Worse, the options were limited—few breweries canned beer that you’d want to sample, let alone drink 12 ounces of. Then, Oskar Blues started canning its flagship Dale’s Pale Ale in 2002. And everything changed.

You’ll recognize at least a few of the names on American Rivers’ annual Endangered Rivers list—but what will you do to ensure they remain pristine?

Michael Phelps and Killian Journet are both amazing athletes, but they occupy opposite ends of the spectrum. Where do you fall?

Don't plan any vacations before reading this year's Best of Travel winners.

These adventure geniuses will make your next trip the one you never, ever forget.

This year, go beyond Daytona Beach to surf Puerto Rico, fish the Bahamas, or explore an Ecuadorean rainforest. (Don't worry, skiers—there's neck-deep powder here for you, too.)

Ready to race? Check out these 20 events, carefully curated to provide intrepid newbie skiers, rock climbers, and trail runners a thrilling and welcoming competitive experience.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a droplet of water cascading off of a cliff? If you try waterfall jumping, you might just find out.

After a day in the snow, melt into one of these six natural hot springs.

Former reality-show skipper Chris Fischer has revolutionized shark science—with a daring system for catching the beasts alive and a radical new research-funding model. During an expedition off the coast of Chile that was interrupted by an undersea earthquake, our man wonders if this guy is the next Cousteau or a corporate-sponsored hype machine.

Sunny destinations for last-minute escapes

Hop in and say, “Bond, James Bond.”

If lingering holiday malaise and winter's cold, short days are knocking you off your game, look no further. One of these trips is sure to recharge you.

If you've never been to India, go with a company that knows the ropes, even in a well-traveled state like Kerala. Here's how to do it right.

That's what they call the southern Indian state of Kerala, a laid-back tropical paradise where you can paddle hidden backwaters, trek the rugged Western Ghats, look for tigers, indulge in Ayurvedic treatments, and chill out on unspoiled beaches. Just leave your manic Western self behind.

Fact-checking trusted training maxims

A nonprofit aims to publicize never-before-seen footage of marine life in its natural, undisturbed habitat. The goal? Develop the ultimate marine observation tool.

More pain quest than workout, misogi is the secret, punishing ritual that has revolutionized Atlanta Hawks supershooter Kyle Korver's game. You have time for this—if it doesn't kill you first.

Erika Bergman turned her career as a submarine pilot into an international engineering and exploration curriculum. The goal: to get more young women outside and involved in the sciences.

A group of friends built the houseboat we never knew we needed. Even better: It's available for rent.

Lightweight, durable, and comfy, this gear finds its way into Chris Solomon's pack every time he heads out the front door.

Forest Woodward has an enviable travel schedule. In the last year, the climber, surfer, and pro photographer has visited half a dozen countries, including Spain and Peru, and about 20 states in the U.S. Here are a few of the best shots he's taken over the past year. Don't be too jealous: Woodward's images have a way of bringing you along for the ride.  

There are many threats to the 50-year-old Wilderness Act. But the most dangerous, Kenneth Brower says, comes from those who are chipping away at the very idea of wilderness itself.

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