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From nearby to far-flung and exotic, we've got seven islands to cure your winter wanderlust. Turns out one of the most spectacular is right around the corner.

The company is growing up fast—and it's not all about action sports anymore.

It may be the oldest emotion. Before happiness, before sorrow, before exhilaration, and way, way before the urge to climb mountains and bomb down steeps, there was fear. Now scientists are finding new ways to help us conquer our deepest anxieties—and use them to perform even better.

Five business icons share how they flipped the switch on their careers—and how you can follow in their footsteps.

In October, 12 women will compete in one of the world's oldest male-dominated sports. The race? A 38,000-mile monster through pirate-infested waters and rough seas.

These stripes could keep you from becoming shark bait

Do cell phones, satellite messengers, and personal locator beacons create more false alarms in the backcountry?

Who says you have to chose between land or water?

Anxiety, depression, obesity—kids are increasingly becoming unhappy and unhealthy. But there is a pill-free solution: outdoor play.

And all I got was this lousy online article

Think you're ready for the world's longest stand-up paddleboard race? We'll be the judge.

Six new ways to power up without sacrificing taste

Nine health and grooming tools for maximum good clean fun

Some plan trips in advance; others let the current carry them. For Amy Ragsdale, traveling with risk takers like herself has helped her trust the process of exploring without a full map, rather than fight it.

We can boat the same backyard river with our family a dozen or more times, and it will never get old—because rivers, like our children, are constantly changing.

Surf icon Dave Kalama is still winning a year shy of his 50th birthday. But he has new competition: Kai Lenny, the 21-year-old rising star. What happens when the prodigy faces the man who taught him almost everything he knows about paddleboarding?

You don't need an ocean to stand-up paddleboard

It's summer's most casual shoe, but there are flip-flops and then there are flip-flops. Keep your feet happy with our favorites.

Tech to ensure you thrive on the sand and in the water this summer.

Summer's best timepieces play hard, no matter what you throw at them.

Three plane fuselages in a Montana river might seem like a problem, but there’s more to the accident than meets the eye.

Gear that plays well when wet, whether it’s at the beach, in the river, or around town

It's not easy to swim with sperm whales: they're hard to find, hard to reach without adequate diving experience, and they just might swallow you up if you get too close. But how else are we going to crack their complicated language system? A group of rogue freedivers takes the plunge.

We're still surfing in the USA.

Stand-up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. And because SUP doesn't discriminate when it comes to water—it can be still or rushing—you can find classes and meet-ups just about everywhere. But if you've never done it before, here's Kristin Artz from the…

The drive from Eureka, California, to Coos Bay, Oregon has dunes, salmon, and Jurassic Park-worthy greenery—but no crowds. It'll be our little secret.

There's nothing more American than hitting the open road with the windows down, the music up, and a cooler full of beer in the backseat (you know, for later). Sure, the game has changed a little—smartphones have all but rendered guidebooks and crumpled maps obsolete—but one essential question remains: where to go? Look no further. We hand-picked the ten best, most adventure-packed road trips in the country.

Hit up Best Towns 2014 winner Duluth, Minnesota, then hike and bike your way to Michigan's renowned shores.

Drive the Big Island loop in Hawaii—and make time for long hiking or paddling trips, plus awe-inspiring face time with volcanoes, manta rays, and starry skies.

A Southern Colorado loop where you can rough it in a yurt and throw one back in Durango.

Start in the Grand Canyon and wander up to Moab, Utah, with some moonlit camping and excellent mountain biking along the way.

The route from Jackson, Wyoming, to Glacier National Park, Montana packs in five national parks and plenty of watering holes.

This Olympic Peninsula loop in Washington is a water-lover's dream—take your pick of waterfalls, rivers, beaches, and lakes. And don't forget the seafood.

Take it to Alaska's Kenai Peninsula and find some of the best fishing, paddling, and moonshine-sampling of your life.

This road trip from New Orleans to Florida featuring lazy days feasting on the freshest seafood, sandy camping, and pristine paddling.

On March 28th, 2014, the Morelos Dam on the Arizona/Mexico border was opened, and a "pulse flow" released—an experiment in ecological restoration. It worked: For the first time in 16 years, the Colorado River ran free all the way to the Sea of Cortez. Intending to paddle the river to its natural terminus, writer Rowan Jacobsen and photographer Pete McBride assembled a crew they dubbed "Team Delta Force." Their goal was to complete the first ever standup paddleboard (SUP) descent of the Colorado. This gallery highlights their historic journey, and you can read about the entire journey in Outside's July issue. 

Seven men want to share a few thousand pieces of gear with the world. And they need your help.

Bikes and boards loaded on the VW Kombi Camper

It's been more than 50 years since the Colorado River regularly reached the sea. But this spring, the U.S. and Mexico let the water storm through its natural delta for a grand experiment in ecological restoration. As the dam gates opened, a small band of river rats caught a once-in-a-lifetime ride.

National parks are America's greatest recreational asset. Now an overdue movement will make them even better.

These images, from some of Outside's favorite photographers, will make you want to pack your bags and get lost in adventure.

Dream all you want about your adventure bucket list, but isn't it better to get right out there and start ticking off boxes? Let these trips be your inspiration—or your exact blueprint.

Skis, wetsuits, surfboards, and a camper

Fun for the whole family doesn't have to mean boring for you. These high-adrenaline festivals will keep everyone going all day.

If you’re looking for the seclusion of a private beach with the affordability of a state park, but want to do more than kick off your flip-flops and sunbathe, these are the five Florida beaches for you.

Shane Niemeyer started exercising in prison after hitting rock-bottom. We talked to him about his path to become a regular Ironman competitor who's now gunning for a spot at the World Championships in Kona.

Day scuba diving offers the Grand Central Station view of a reef or wreck, bustling in a Technicolor blaze. But reefs hardly close for business when the sun sets. There’s something inherently mysterious about venturing into the deep with only a dive light and a sense of adventure. Here’s where…

Because who doesn't want a portable sauna, right?

Sunset on the southeast coast

Europe has a secret. It's called Albania—a Maryland-size playground of rugged peaks, emerald seas, and ripping rivers. The only catch? It's really poor, graft is rampant, and there's little environmental regulation. Pack your bribe money for a warts-and-all jaunt through the wildest post-Communist state on earth.

Saint Bathans' Blue Lake

Perth was thrust into the public consciousness recently for being the home base of the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the Indian Ocean. But this city of 1.7 million people with a Mediterranean climate on the remote southwestern corner of Australia has hardly been a secret…

The most wholesome flip-flops in the world?

Yes, sun hats are one of the most effective ways to prevent skin cancer. But did you know they can also keep the heat from zapping your energy? During my decade as a raft guide, I found I was much more energetic at the end of the day when I…

How light do you want to go? Unlike backpacking, which values economy above all else, multi-day canoe trips can bear more weight depending on the length of the journey and how badly you want filet mignon that first night. I go to the Boundary Waters each May…

Black-water rafting sounds dark and mysterious, right? It is. Sort of. Black-water rafting is essentially cave tubing, and it involves climbing, rappelling, and floating subterranean rivers—both freely (in the safety position, feet downstream) or in inner tubes. Black water rafting the Waitomo Caves in New Zealand. New Zealand’s …

Winner: Bend, Oregon. Runner-Up: Bahía Concepcíon, Mexico.

Take a break from winter in a mineral bath that will soothe your soul.

Like many fools, Abe Streep spends a lot of time and too much money trying to feel the pull of fish. But he recently learned that you can have just as much fun on the water without hooks.

If you want to lounge on an empty beach for hours, consider one of these trips.

Called the purest form of climbing, deep-water soloing (DWS) is free rock climbing practiced on sea cliffs, lakeside ledges, or climbing walls above pools. In deep-water soloing, water serves as the safety net. In deep-water soloing, water is your safety net. “It’s an exciting type of climbing; usually you can’t…

Never sink your keys again.

Pro paddler Rush Sturges dishes tips on making dazzling adventure films

What’s a niche adventure photographer to do when social media and technology create the perfect environment for copycats? In the case of North Shore wave photographer Clark Little, put down the coffee, assess the mayhem, and then dive right in.

Inside the mind and training habits of the fastest woman in Kona history

5 stories by our editors about near-death experiences and how they survived.

Budding explorer Sonya Baumstein becomes the first person to SUP across the Bering Strait

Jordan Hanssen and three friends were more than three-quarters of the way through a 3,700-nautical-mile row across the Atlantic Ocean when two rogue waves flipped their boat and left them fighting for their lives.

The secret to aging well? Work hard, fish harder.

There are only a few carefree summers in your life. Don’t waste them interning at law firms—opt for one of these adventure-packed seasonal gigs instead.

There are only a few carefree summers in your life. Don’t waste them interning at law firms—opt for one of these adventure-packed seasonal gigs instead.

There are only a few carefree summers in your life. Don’t waste them interning at law firms—opt for one of these adventure-packed seasonal gigs instead.

There are only a few carefree summers in your life. Don’t waste them interning at law firms—opt for one of these adventure-packed seasonal gigs instead.

What are the coolest and most unexpected uses of duct tape in the outdoor world?

Finding gear in my size is impossible. What are the best products for bigger guys?

Everything you need to plan the perfect Grand Canyon summer escape

Surf icon Dave Kalama is still riding 60-foot waves and winning Stand-UP-­paddleboarding races two years shy of his 50th birthday. What’s his secret? Stephanie Pearson enlists at the waterman’s ­legendary North Shore camp, where he serves up nonnegotiable commandments for lifelong ­fitness—and lots and lots of crunches.

If you ever find yourself submerged in icy waters, follow these tips

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