The $50 tool will save you from the runs caused by bacteria, protozoa, or particulates found in U.S. backcountry water sources

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Gear companies from around the world released their brand-new summer 2016 products this week at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City. We pored over all of it, and these five products—from a brilliant new water filter to a totally reinvented waterproof jacket—were our top picks for Gear…

Tools to improve backcountry adventures.

Lightweight, durable, and comfy, this gear finds its way into Chris Solomon's pack every time he heads out the front door.

When it comes to staying hydrated, you need the right bottle for any activity.

There's a group of people who believe that in a world of extreme natural disasters, being ready for any catastrophe is more than just a precaution. It’s practical. 

When it comes to holiday giving, you should never have to choose. This year, our editors have pulled together 68 perfect ideas—priced from $4 to $50,000—guaranteed to make anyone on your list feel like a million bucks.

Is it safe to use one of those Brita pitchers to filter river and lake water while camping? -Eric Oakland, CA

I'm building an emergency kit into a small fanny pack for day hikes in Colorado. I don't have space for cookware so I was wondering if there's a titanium water bottle that could be used to boil water over a campfire if necessary. – Jerry Colorado Springs, CO

Hi, I want to purchase a water filter or water purifier to turn my day hikes into some overnight trips. I have been doing a lot of research but can't seem to figure out which one I need. I'll primarily be hiking in the Northeast and only in North erica, so is there a need for an actual water "purifier"? Thanks in advance. Kane Red Bank, NJ

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