What to do when you're on an outdoor adventure and disaster strikes

Stay warm, dry, and comfortable while eating outdoors, without sacrificing style

Rising temperatures, extreme weather, degraded air quality, and ravaged ecosystems could hold catastrophic consequences for endurance sports.

There's a reason everyone's been wearing them the past few months

With stormchasing tours more popular than ever, our writer set out to discover why this risky pastime is once again taking off

Marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols's house burned to the ground in California's CZU Lightning Complex fire. He wrote his daughter a letter breaking the news.

We're always looking for that magic outfit that can be worn for days on the road before you need to clean it. Here are some tried-and-true picks.

The continent has entered its long, dark night, but just over the horizon is the question of how to make sure it stays free of COVID-19 once it reopens in August

How does it compare against the competition? A guide finds out.

Two bold men, one reckless plan: to watch the sun go dark atop a huge snow-covered peak in South America. You won't believe what happened next.

Breathable, light, durable, and weather-resistant: here's everything you need to be comfortable outdoors this season

Five kicks that transition seamlessly from trail to town

It has great support, a table, and a spot for your favorite beverage

These items kept our steeds moving and our riders happy

COVID-19 is going to limit and slow relief—and increase the importance of personal preparedness

The most meaningful adventures are the ones where everything goes wrong. Right?

Leave it to the Faroe Islands to come up with the most clever virtual tour we've seen. In their new tourism program, a Faroese resident becomes your local avatar, guiding you around the stunning archipelago in real time.

Layers are the secret to staying warm, dry, and comfortable outdoors. These are the best for every situation.

As COVID-19 shuts down buses and trains in cities, we remember that bicycles are the ultimate contingency plan

A trip to the largest of Hawaii Island's five national and historic parks is a step back in time, a place where two active volcanoes have long altered the landscape. From 1983 to 2018, lava poured into the Pacific Ocean, as it pounded and shaped the craggy shoreline. Today, endangered birds and rare orchids fill the rainforest and grasslands, geological wonders dot the terrain, and sacred cultural sites speak to the park's mythic roots.

And how to tell if you really need one

The gear and knowledge you need to stay comfortable overnight in the snow

From wind-resistant undies to traction devices, build a kit to brave the cold this season

New Zealand's South Island is undoubtedly one of the world's most beautiful places, where golden beaches and dense rainforests border the snow-capped Southern Alps and adventures are endless. But for those of us who can't pick up and move to Christchurch, here's a definitive guide on how to make the most of your time there.

Sixty percent of the time, the forecast is right every time

Cozy up with one and start planning your next family adventure

The queen of wool on what she'd wear if she were forced to never wear wool again

Now that scientists are seeing the effects of global warming on everyday weather, all our adventure plans are being impacted

Helpful advice, like "break your fall with your elbows, tailbone, kneecaps, or face"

And everything you need to know before driving over that snowy pass

What tires can you run if you live somewhere warm but visit someplace cold? 

The stunning Paparoa Track is the country’s first new Great Walk to be completed in 25 years, and is unlike any to come before it. Our reporter scored a spot on opening day.

Don't be the Jerry that breaks these

Following a tragedy, a photographer finds a new sense of purpose in the wintertime sky

Wes Siler has some basic tips anyone can use to forecast the weather using clouds

After tragedy followed Hugo Sanchez from El Salvador to Canada, he started photographing the northern lights, finding a new sense of purpose in the wintertime sky

Here's why you should stop Zwifting and start truing

Winter is off-season for several world-class destinations, which means lower plane fares and hotel rates. We asked Scott's Cheap Flights for advice on which trips to book.

Think Balto saved Nome, Alaska, on his own? Think again. A new family-friendly movie finally gets a legendary dogsled run right.

Snow science is a wild thing. And in the Sierra Nevada, it's a particular beast all its own.

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