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In our ongoing Weekly Escape series, we aim to transport you from your desk to an incredible place in two minutes or less.

10 easy trips, maximum fun guaranteed

Book a night in an old-school trailer

Not visiting the in-laws? Have an adventurous Turkey Day in one of these destinations.

Use these tips to avoid the crowds and take in all this magical place has to offer.

Beat the crowds and head for fresh climbing, mountain-biking, and chill-out spots within easy driving distance of eight burgs

The National Park Service turns 100 in 2016, but this year is shaping up to be one of its most celebrated mile markers in recent memory.

These 9 open-air tubs are worth traveling for.

Gas is cheap and flying is not. The dollar is strong, so tourists will be flocking to Europe—leaving domestic destinations blissfully uncrowded. The result: stay local and the country will be yours.

The World Ski Championships, which run until February 15, will host more than 600 athletes representing 70 nations and thousands of spectators. Read: It's gonna be a party.

Among the benefits to hitting the trail in winter? No mosquitoes. But there are more!

Capture the placid perfection of a winter forest by staying in one of these arboreal lofts. Not only are they specifically made to weather the cold, but they’re cozy too.

Book now before everyone else gets wise.

Sunny destinations for last-minute escapes

If lingering holiday malaise and winter's cold, short days are knocking you off your game, look no further. One of these trips is sure to recharge you.

Travel website Hopper has got snagging airfare deals down to a science.

Be ready to simplify before jumping on the tiny-house bandwagon.

No two ski resorts are alike. But which one is right for you? We break down more than 30 of North America's best to find the perfect fit.

How to hack lift tickets, travel, lodging.

Looking for the funnest terrain in North America? Go here.

From nearby to far-flung and exotic, we've got seven islands to cure your winter wanderlust. Turns out one of the most spectacular is right around the corner.

The latest in coffee-table inspiration comes from the newly released "Hide and Seek." The book is a compilation of unique, well-designed, escape-from-reality cabins we lust over. These structures aren't lavish: Instead, they're dedicated to simplicity and the surrounding environment. Grab a copy and, we promise you, you'll start to drool. 

I'd love to haul my kids up the railings to Half Dome, but don't want to risk accidents—or turning them off of hiking forever. How can we have fun while staying safe in the national park?

Nine health and grooming tools for maximum good clean fun

Some plan trips in advance; others let the current carry them. For Amy Ragsdale, traveling with risk takers like herself has helped her trust the process of exploring without a full map, rather than fight it.

Procrastinators are about to get the last laugh. Turns out you can save 10 to 40 percent if you book a hotel at the last minute through an app.

I'm nervous about rising ticket prices and added fees. Can I still travel regularly without breaking the bank?

A visual breakdown of what makes for blissful travel—backed by science.

A photo is only worth 1,000 words if you know how to capture the right one. These six programs can help.

Tech to ensure you thrive on the sand and in the water this summer.

For the sake of your spine and your sanity, heed these rules

Sometimes you have to take your own advice—or suck it up and eat crow.

The roomiest, sturdiest, and most stylish hanging nests of the year

Five wild mountain ranges. Hundreds of miles of trails. Zero crowds. That’s what awaits visitors at the country’s newest Naitonal Monument in New Mexico. Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks consists of four separate patches of the Chihuahuan Desert surrounding Las Cruces in southern New Mexico. Encompassing a half-million acres…

The Pennine Way, England’s first national trail, turns 50 this year. Even if it’s literally over the hill, the 268-mile route of rolling terrain is as popular as ever, especially this weekend. July 12 marks the annual National Trails geocache release, during which new coins…

This is what happens when a group of Finnish architects jumps on the tiny-home bandwagon.

It’s such a culinary contradiction: the great gourmet food of New England is usually served on paper plates and eaten at picnic tables by grownups wearing plastic bibs. Yet there’s no denying that the tastiest lobster served in Maine invariably comes from laid back hole-in-the-wall food shacks that line the…

Play outside with kids your own age

These ground-tested strategies will help you conquer every last weekend.

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