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A new material modeled on cold-water animals' coats could lead to thinner, warmer wetsuits.

Bespoke is now affordable thanks to computer-aided technology

Jack O’Neill: A former commercial fisherman widely credited with inventing the neoprene wetsuit.

Wetsuit: An insulating garment that allows individuals to spend more time in cold water.

Tech to ensure you thrive on the sand and in the water this summer.

Designers are using inflatable technology to make products—from the ultimate commuter helmet to airy insulation—lighter, safer, and more portable.

A low price tag and a quality build make this among the best wetsuits for newbies.

Seven surfers from Montauk, New York, give you the lowdown on one of the East Coast's premier surf towns.

Outside reviews the best gear in the 2011 Summer Buyers Guide, including the Rusty Turn Around swimsuit Top and Bottom.

Some of the world's best outdoor gear is still made right here in the USA.

The gold standard of expedition paddling gets a makeover with a more versatile neck closure to fit everyone from a linebacker to an Olsen twin and—thankfully, with all that water rushing by—a “relief” zipper. kokatat.com…

The PsychoFreak introduces a new three-layer neoprene sandwich—two thin, solid layers around a perforated middle layer that traps air like a double-pane window—to keep you warmer with less fabric. It works: This super-stretchy, 3.5-milli-meter suit kept us as warm as a five-mil suit while affording tons more flexibility.

Throw this sporty bathing suit on for surfing or volleyball. Then, to thwart tan lines, swap the top out for the Bali Bandeau ($40; not shown) in the matching print. carvedesigns.com…

Constructed from just five main neoprene panels—versus ten-plus in many wetsuits—the CL5 limits the number of irritating seams and boosts your freedom of movement. This 3mm/2mm full suit has fluid-sealed seams to minimize water seepage and works best in water temperatures between 55 and 64 degrees. www.quiksilver.com…

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