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Want to hit the rivers this summer?

Stowable craft that can handle whatever the water deals you

The Platypus GravityWorks 4.0 is the best filter of its kind

'Rio Rica' introduces us to Rica Fulton and the Little Snake River, a lesser known tributary of the West's renowned Yampa River

A fun trip can turn to crap fast if you don't come prepared

'River of Return' features river guides and Shoshone-Bannock tribal members Sammy and Jessica Matsaw

In praise of sand in your eyeballs, no cell service, and pooping in a box

'Powell 150' documents a thousand-mile rafting trip along the Colorado River Basin from Wyoming to Nevada

The author, a proud son of Nebraska, and his wife were in a funk after a move from the soothing heartland to the noisy canyons of Chicago. What better cure than a trip down a short, muddy stream that's often interrupted by dead trees and barbwire fences?

The pages in this notebook are made of synthetic paper, so they’re tearproof and waterproof. Even if it goes overboard on a rafting trip, or your tears cascade onto the pages while reading your own poetry, your doodles and notes will remain unscathed.

We hope you’ll enjoy your time here at Tequila Beach

In 2018, New Zealand–based photographer Mike Dawson and his two kayaking partners dodged crocodiles, land mines, and torrential rains to paddle wild rivers in a remote corner of Africa

This film will leave you seeking out your next adventure—and it just might be on the shores of Hawaii

A reformed raft guide writes a breakup letter to his favorite piece of gear as he upgrades to a (real) mattress

A short film about one woman’s experience downriver

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