Debunking various theories currently floating around the Internet

Putting the deadliest fire in California history into perspective

Over 150,000 Californians were evacuated last night and 20 million more are under red-flag fire warnings

"What I've been searching for, I now see, is something bigger than acceptance, bigger than smokejumping, bigger than proving I can be one of the guys."

‘Wildland’ follows a crew of firefighters as they battle enormous blazes in an effort to reset their lives

One of the worst tragedies in the history of firefighting prompted little change to a culture that regularly puts young lives at risk. A few seasoned veterans are working to fix that.

One photographer's attempt to find art in fire, even as climate change makes conditions more deadly

That run or bike commute might impact you more than you think

Losing your home to a wildfire is often just the start of your troubles

Is it even possible to reduce the number of massive blazes that are now commonplace in the American West?

How do you protect yourself from wildfire on a warming planet? You burn everything on purpose.

A few strategies to keep you on the trail this summer

Yosemite National Park closed for three weeks because of the blaze. Here's how much revenue the region lost because of that.

Last week, the Interior Secretary outlined his ideas on what causes wildfire. Here's what he's right and wrong about.

At 475 square miles, the Mendocino Complex Fire is the size of Phoenix

Turns out you can't believe everything you read on Trump's Twitter feed

All three of the state's major blazes are making rare pyrocumulus clouds right now

As wildfires get worse, these powerful new tools will help keep you safe

The new mega fires raging across the West are polluting the air above states like Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming the worst

Photographer Pete McBride got front-row seats to the massive Lake Christine Fire as it nearly destroyed his 120-year-old home

Fire has always been a part of the landscape. The mistake we made was trying to stop it—something Florida never did.

Wildfires are going to become bigger and more frequent in the future. If you find yourself caught in one, this is what you need to do.

New Mexico's Bandelier National Monument holds clues to what may happen to forests affected by massive fires

Eight reads that will satisfy any reader's craving

A new book by Heather Hansen explores the complicated world of wildland-urban interface firefighting as it unfolded in the Cold Springs Fire near Nederland, Colorado

Measures in the federal government's new spending bill should help the Forest Service manage fires, but there's still more to be done.

Because of drought and rising temperatures, wildfires in the West will grow so large and regular they could reshape entire forests

With an environmentally friendly firefighting gel called Strong Water

As the Thomas Fire scorched hundreds of thousands of acres and forced communities to evacuate, Stuart Palley and other fire photographers rushed to the front lines

The new bill argues that lawsuits have made wildfires much worse, but its solution won’t do much to help

On a good day, driving down I-405 here in Los Angeles is considered the commute from hell. Yesterday, things got a little more literal.

This month's massive government climate report sounds the alarm about the rising risk of wildfire. Will the Trump Administration listen?

Over the past week, a series of fires destroyed tens of thousands of acres in and around Sonoma County, burning homes, cars, and wineries in their wake. We sent a photographer to document the aftermath.

From filmmaker Trip Jennings, Eagle Creek Burn Fly follows Oregon State University Forest Specialists John Bailey and Lisa Ellsworth as they explore the intricacies of this fire.

Politicians seem to think so—but it won't help unless it's accompanied by more fire

Heybrook Lookout Tower has stood sentinel over the Snoqualmie National Forest since 1925. It represents a longstanding tradition of fire lookouts but is currently under threat.

Our writer sent us a dispatch from the frontlines of the blaze, where the air is thick with smoke and the wildlife is taking shelter

There are 137 large wildfires raging across 7.8 million acres in what might be the worst fire season ever

Seven tips to enjoy the weekend safely and comfortably

It's destructive, beautiful, and critical for our ecosystem

Leif Haugen is a lookout for the U.S. Forest Service in Northern Montana. He patrols his section of wilderness for any sight of lightning strikes or fires.

In some states, individuals who start forest fires, even accidentally, are facing multimillion-dollar fines

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