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Fill your thermos and bring these warm mixed drinks along for après-ski, socially distanced happy hours, and cold-weather tailgates

Help them deliver the best holiday meal possible

The craft beer revolution turned the tall cousin of cannabis into a breakout ingredient, infusing your brew with flavors and aromas that range from stone fruit to barrel oak. Christopher Solomon hits the road to understand why hop madness isn’t over yet—and why brewers and plant breeders are always on the prowl for the next big thing.

The company is raising its prices (kinda) to raise the alarm on climate change

Portable, ready to imbibe, and no contact required. What more could we ask for?

The region is known for its craft brews. Here are eight places we recommend visiting for the best of the best.

A new wave of craft distilleries are using salvaged ingredients to brew up spirits

Caledonia Spirits would normally be making booze, but it found a better way to help in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Other distilleries around the country are switching things up, too.

Our Gear Guy has yet to find a koozie that keeps beverages frosty for longer than the Colster. Its vacuum insulation traps cold air, and the stainless-steel wrap protects your brewski—to an extent—if you drop it. That’s why this insulator is our go-to drink accessory for campground kickbacks.

It's a vessel. It's a koozie. It's perfect.

Booze isn't optimal for athletic performance. Thankfully, a new crop of alcohol-free cocktails taste just as good as the real thing.

If you love all things dark and toasty-malty, this is truly the most wonderful time of the year

A researcher thinks we may be able to recycle beer waste into a powerful algae-fighting tool

We drove to Mexico and filled our thermoses with margaritas (for gear testing)

Make your season a little less indulgent with these twists on the classics

A frosty cold one is best when shared. So are America's public lands.

If you love the availability of microbrews today, you know who to thank

Ignore the anti-pumpkin negativity and enjoy one of these delicious fall brews

Reconstructing the history of civilization through beer labels

You can take it with you—if you put it in a flask. This guide to flask cocktails shows you how.

Plus, our four favorite cans of summer

Because settling for whatever is at the nearest gas station is so unsatisfactory

Any brew worth drinking deserves more than crappy single-use plastic, so we stuck to reusable vessels

Cutting down on booze? Try these mocktail recipes instead.

From fruity sours to lagers that don't bore you to tears, we've got your must-drink list

Patagonia alleges that Anheuser-Busch is deliberately trying to confuse beer drinkers and profiting off the outdoor retailer's reputation as a sustainable company

This $18 piece of gear will hold a shower beer, a shower LaCroix, or even a shower coffee

The spirits business has never had more women entrepreneurs. That's a good thing for whiskey lovers.

It's alcohol-free—the THC provides the buzz. And it's healthier, say its makers.

Tequila master Nick Heil tells you how to raise your mix game from good to gold

The brewery is using science to make Slightly Mighty, a low-calorie craft beer worth drinking

The liqueur of your past bad decisions is having a second coming

It’s good for the planet and might even lessen your hangover. That’s something we’ll drink to.

Want to be the life of the party? Bring the Picnic Time Bar Backpack.

For those who love beer, the Stanley Go Growler and Stein Set is the perfect combo to keep the stuff frosty and carbonated

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