Yellowstone National Park

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The 10,551-foot peak, formerly called Doane Mountain, has a new title that reflects the contributions of Native Americans

If you haven’t snagged a reservation to the growing list of timed-entry parks, it might seem like a trip there this summer is out of the cards. But fret not—we found some legal ways to visit.

An affidavit filed as part of an ongoing lawsuit confirms that the treasure was buried inside an iconic American landmark, and now officials are scrambling to keep the exact location secret

To mark its 150th anniversary, America’s first national park plans to use 2022 to address past wrongdoing and work toward a more inclusive future

Planning a vacation to Yellowstone involves many details, one of which is deciding how you will enter the park

If you’re willing to brave the cold, winter can be one of the best seasons to visit America’s best idea

Forest Fenn Treasure Hunter Banned, Sequoia National Park Reopens, ultrarunner meets rattler

As it turns out, the national parks just aren’t that great for some visitors (though we definitely disagree)

Despite warnings, rules, and common sense, tourists in Yellowstone keep approaching bears and bison.

Thanks to their proximity, these Airbnbs book up fast. Make your summer reservation now.

Ten thousand geothermal features make this hot spot a must-see. It's our 62 Parks Traveler's 24th stop on her journey to visit every national park in the U.S.

The science is clear, right? Not so fast, according to, well, science.

Yellowstone’s latest incident is as preventable as it is predictable

Welcome to Yellowstone National Park, where literally everything is lethal

Tips on how to get one of the most enviable jobs in the outdoor industry

She was a survivor and an alpha. And then she was legally shot and killed by a hunter. Yellowstone Park's legendary wolf researcher Rick McIntyre reflects on the life of one of the park's most famous canines.

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