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We’ve got you. With this advice, you can still nab a nice—and even popular—spot at a campground of your choice this summer. Huzzah!

Investigators say Edward Frederick Wackerman intentionally started the 2022 Oak Fire. The blaze burned more than 100 homes just outside the national park.

We’ve done the impossible and made a list of best hikes in our national parks. Now’s a perfect time to start checking them off, from Acadia to Yosemite.

Our national parks are celebrating the season (aren’t we all?) with fun and immersive special events. We've mapped out our favorites, from photo classes to great music to getting dirty helping on a trail day.

As you’re visiting national parks this summer, don’t miss out on these spectacular outlooks, mountain summits, and lake vistas. We’ve got the intel on how to reach them all.

California’s wild storms and wet weather have resulted in dazzling displays of wildflowers, some peaking and others ready to pop. Here’s how to see one before it’s too late.

Looking to save a few bucks when visiting our national parks? Here are upcoming free days, and seven other programs for freebies or discounts. You could make some memories.

National parks protect our land and a wide variety of wildlife, many of them dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are the animals and reptiles to look out for and the best ways to keep you—and them—safe.

Friends pay tribute to an icon of the Yosemite climbing scene

Writer Chris Van Leuven shares memories of Milligan, who was killed in a fall last week in Banff National Park

In her adventure memoir "Feral," Emily Pennington sets out in a van to visit all 63 of America's national parks. She faces a painful romantic breakup, a pandemic, wildfires, and a hurricane. And that's just for starters.

While California’s storms were devastating in many parts of the state, they blew epic snow and adventure opportunities into the park. Waterfall viewings are off the charts, there are fewer crowds, and conditions are primo for backcountry exploring.

Eager to visit one of America’s national parks this year? Start planning now. Here’s all the information you need to book hard-to-get reservations.

Thousands of acres in California’s Sierra National Forest have been proposed as a national monument. Many argue that the protection is crucial for wildlife, the environment, and wilderness recreation. But it will face stiff opposition.

A raging rain and wind storm is hitting Northern California hard. The state has closed regional, state, and national parks, with partial closings of 37 others, while Yosemite braces for a blizzard.

The iconic California park has done away with its three-year-old timed-entry system

According to a new Unesco report, glaciers in Yosemite National Park and other World Heritage sites are very likely to melt away by 2050

Avoid traffic jams and see America's best idea by foot, bus, or bike

New Zealand student Anna Parsons broke nearly every major bone in her body in a fall in Yosemite National Park

Last week my house burned to the ground, and if that’s not bad enough, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder

Too many rocks? Not enough people? Illustrator Amber Share says bring it on.

You can still find a slice of solitude in the country's most visited parks

If you haven’t snagged a reservation to the growing list of timed-entry parks, it might seem like a trip there this summer is out of the cards. But fret not—we found some legal ways to visit.

If you’re willing to brave the cold, winter can be one of the best seasons to visit America’s best idea

Teton officials mull backcountry ski closures, Yosemite closes biggest campground until 2025, and the men's half-marathon record falls

Visit 13 of America’s best-loved national parks on this cross-country national-park train loop

In 1960, John Steinbeck set out on a cross-country adventure with his standard poodle, Charley. More than half a century later, writer Kristin Wong did the same thing with her dog—and learned an unexpected lesson about the pain of uncertainty.

Two Yosemite locals just made the first summit-to-Valley ski descent of the iconic feature

These items will keep you safe and having fun in the Valley

What is a good boy anyway? How do you become one? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

Contributing editor Kyle Dickman recaps his harrowing snakebite tale in this animated short

Say goodbye to 'The Majestic Yosemite Hotel' and welcome back 'The Ahwahnee'

The logic behind requiring permits on Yosemite's famed Half Dome was sound: smaller crowds equals fewer accidents. In this case, the opposite is true.

Sender Films shares some of the strategies it used to push the limits of what’s possible in big-wall filmmaking

A man fell from Yosemite's Nevada Fall on Christmas Day

This loop through Yosemite could just be the finest high-altitude thru-hike in the country

Yosemite National Park closed for three weeks because of the blaze. Here's how much revenue the region lost because of that.

All three of the state's major blazes are making rare pyrocumulus clouds right now

The Nose Speed Ascent follows climbers Mayan Smith-Gobat and Libby Sauter as they set the women’s speed record on El Cap.

Last week, Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold set the speed record on the Nose. But even they're not sure it was a great idea.

Hit the trail, drink some ale. What more do you want?

Days after Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell broke the speed record on the Nose, two experienced climbers died on El Cap. Has speed climbing gotten too deadly?

Last week, the legendary speed climber broke bones in both legs when he fell and hit a ledge after a piece of protection popped 2,200 feet up the rock face

Big wall free solo climber Alex Honnold reflects on why he’s so enamored with El Cap in this recent animated film called Walls Are Meant for Climbing from the North Face.

A piece of granite "the size of an apartment building" sheared off while 30 climbers were on the wall

The Park Service says they’re doing their best but no one wins when America’s most iconic valley becomes an endless, exhaust-choked loop of creeping traffic. Can anything be done to prevent bumper-to-bumper traffic from becoming the new normal in Yosemite Valley?

Upon entering UC Merced, Jessica Rivas applied for the Yosemite Leadership Program. What she experienced during that summer changed the course of her entire life.

Aaron Smith has been a member of the storied Yosemite Search and Rescue team for over 15 years. He’s also on the park’s elite helicopter rescue squad. Here’s a list of the gear he relies on most during his missions.

Andrew Upchurch lives in Yosemite Valley and works as custodial staff for Yosemite Hospitality. With the best granite in California is his backyard, his time off is spent climbing.

In honor of the National Park Service's 100th birthday, Huckberry paid homage to Yosemite.

In 1973 the faces of Yosemite were strikingly, male. For Lynn Hill, Sibylle Hechtel, and Bev Johnson this just became unacceptable.

Climate change is affecting America’s recreation meccas—from Yosemite to Yellowstone—in profound ways. As the planet heats up and weather patterns shift, so will the ways we interact with the outdoors.

Celebrate (and support) the National Park Service's birthday with these 7 products

The rock climbing veteran talks his career on El Capitan and the psychology of climbing with Alex Honnold

The president of The North Face on President Obama’s support of the National Park Centennial and outdoor recreation

The name may have changed, but all the stuff that made it legendary is still here

As the Yosemite trademark case drags on, California legislators look to take a stand

After making billions of dollars in revenue from our national parks, Delaware North Companies is aiming to extort the federal government for even more. Enough is enough.

Can a private company trademark public property? That's the question the feds are scrambling to answer after a longtime concessionaire in Yosemite claimed rights to the names of some of the park's most iconic locations.

Alex Honnold and other Yosemite locals weigh in on what will become of the route that was wrecked when a giant chunk of granite detached earlier this week

Get a jump on the crowds. Explore our favorite hidden corners, empty spaces, and wild places in ten iconic National Parks

I'd love to haul my kids up the railings to Half Dome, but don't want to risk accidents—or turning them off of hiking forever. How can we have fun while staying safe in the national park?

Yosemite Valley, the birthplace of rebel climber culture is supposed to be all cleaned up and mellowed out. But as a new film shows, the outlaw spirit is alive and well.

With a little help from Make-A-Wish, Yosemite’s first honorary park ranger earns his keep and proves his strength

Like any real estate choice, camping is all about location, location, location. Camping on a portaledge—a deployable, hanging-tent system—gives rock climbers locations worth bragging about: unimpeded views, no noisy neighbors, and everything from egress to big-wall climbs. In the U.S., there’s no better place for a suspension sleeping system than…

Yosemite National Park offers arguably the most scenic hiking in the country. The only challenge? Picking which trail to hike.

If you could put together a list of five must-do national park experiences in the United States, what would they be? ScottGambier, OH

Love Acadia, the Tetons, and the Grand Canyon? Wait until you meet their crazy little cousins.

From fresh, tropical milkshakes to buffalo steaks the size of your head, we dug up the best chow near America’s national parks.

I'm doing the John Muir Trail this summer and am trying to decide between a down sweater (like the Rab Microlight Alpine jacket) or a down vest (like the Western Mountaineering Flight Series vest). The vest is lighter, but I'm concerned about warmth.—NanaNew York, New York

Five of our favorite trips.

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