We Removed jQuery

A quick overview of Outside's journey to rid its Drupal 7 site of jQuery and use emerging standards

Ben Voran
Oct 8, 2018


Since 1977, Outside has been about one simple idea: to inspire active participation in the world outside. With in-depth narrative storytelling, profiles, videos, and authoritative service, we explore the intersection between our lives and the natural world. Our writers bring their unique expertise and humor to the biggest stories across our multiple platforms. We hope you're inspired to get outside. There's no place like it!

Sep 13, 2018

Creating Tests with Puppeteer: Part 2

At the end of this tutorial, we will have a fully working test that implements Puppeteer, Mocha, and Chai for Outside Online.

Kevin Guebert
Aug 30, 2018

Testing with Puppeteer - Part 1

Puppeteer allows you to do anything you would do manually in Chrome but through code. Need a screenshot? Want to test form inputs? Need to test your web speed? Puppeteer can do all that and more.

Kevin Guebert
Aug 30, 2018