What are the best cooking tools for a weekend in Denali?

My husband and I area heading back to Alaska after a decade away from the state. Can you recommend a stove, water filtration device, and cookset for a three-night trip in Denali? Christine New York, New York


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Sounds like a great trip. Here are my recommendations for all three types of gear.

1. Water filtration: McNett’s Frontier Pro ($20; removes 99.9 percent of giardia, cryptosporidium, and other contaminants down to 3µm. Its 28mm, straw-style thread adapter filter attaches directly to a water bottle or a bladder, which keeps the mouthpiece clean. All you have to do is bite on the valve and suck in to draw water through the filter. This system is a vast improvement over the time-consuming pumps or yucky-tasting iodine systems of yore.

2. Stove: If you’ve ever spent more than ten minutes trying to light your old-school stove or cook over a campfire—as I used to do while guiding high-school kids in Minnesota’s BWCA—you’ll appreciate Brunton’s Bantam Liquid Fuel Stove ($107; The white-gas burning, 9.8-ounce stove that comes with a wind screen and a fuel pump is light, sturdy, and burns hot: It can boil water in three minutes flat, which means that the pasta al dente will be on your plate in ten.

3. Cookset: GSI OUTDOORS’ Pinnacle Dualist ($60; gsioutdoors) is to camp as a set of LeCrueset pots is to a kitchen. The seven-piece set has two 20-oz. mugs, two 20-oz bowls, a 1.8-liter pot, all made out of non-stick, coated hard anodized aluminum that’s tough enough to handle a metal utensil. Add the two “foons” (combined fork and spoon), a welded stuff sack/storage container that doubles as a washbasin, and a BPA-free resin, crushproof lid that doubles as a strainer, and you’re all set up to star in your own homemade YouTube celebrity chef video.

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