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What are the best walking shoes?

I walk a lot--at least 25 miles per week because I walk to work almost every day. Can you recommend a shoe that can withstand that sort of rigor? Sylvia Boston, Massachusetts


Kudos to you for walking to work almost every day. I’ve been testing shoes for Outside‘s spring/summer Buyer’s Guide and am impressed with the durability of Aetrex. The company may be a relative newcomer to the recreational shoe market, but it still has plenty of cred: It’s been making orthotics and pedorthic products for more than 60 years.

The comfort and durability of the women’s “Athletic Walker” line boil down to these factors: a “Mozaic” pressure-release system in which you can custom-remove pressure points; two removable inserts that give you more flexibility in the fit; a molded, external heel counter that gives your rear foot support; and a shock-absorbing performance insole. I’d recommend the Voyage Athletic Walker ($120; or the more urban, slick, black Lenex Athletic Walker ($130).

If you prefer a shoe with multiple uses, try L.L. Bean’s new Mountain Laurel ($99; The first women’s specific hiking/trail shoe L.L. Bean has ever designed, the Mountain Laurel is durable, comfortable, and has a lightweight, waterproof, leather-and-mesh upper for even the sloppiest Boston morning.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Aetrex