What exercises will improve my speed for hockey?

What exercises will improve my speed for hockey? The Editors Santa Fe, New Mexico

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What’s unique about skating is that you’re in a flexed position. You cannot escape. You’re in a half squat the whole time. So if you don’t condition your legs to handle your own bodyweight when you’re skating, you won’t be successful. Doing leg circuits where you really challenge yourself–on a slide board, for instance–or doing conditioning work on a bike will help.

Another move that’s great for hockey players: the rotational row. As opposed to running in a straight line, you’re moving on a blade, and at some point, that blade has to rotate into the ice where you push. If you do this well, you externally rotate at your hip to create an angle to push you forward. The rotational row helps you develop strength and power for this exact purpose, while keeping your hips mobile. If you do it correctly, the tension from the cable helps you stretch your hips while improving your ability to push off with your leg and rotate your hips like you do on the ice.

You can watch a video demonstration of the rotational row here.

–Anthony Slater, Performance Specialist, Core Performance Center

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