What’s the best designer bag for an outdoor girl?

What's the best designer bag for an outdoor girl? The Editors Santa Fe, New Mexico


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I would not shy away from Prada’s Cervo Lux ($2,052) leather handbag if it fell out of the sky and hit me on the head, but I’d rather put my precious $2,000 toward something more fun and functional, like a new pair of Nordic skate skies. Besides, since handbags are all about status and making a statement, why not make an important statement with a Bazura Bag?

This new Canadian company designs and sells stylish and sustainable bags and accessories made by a Filipino women’s co-operative out of non-biodegradable juice containers and recycled rice bags (basura is a Filipino word for “garbage”). And don’t roll your eyes at “recycled.” Just because it’s made out of a plastic juice box doesn’t mean it won’t go with your Jimmy Choos.

My favorite, the Woven Wood Handle Bag ($48), is designed in a traditional box-weave pattern, has bamboo handles, and comes in a rainbow of colors. Just like a major label, it screams “look at me!”