Chariot Cougar jogging stroller
Chariot Cougar jogging stroller (Brett Gilmour)

What’s the best stroller for marathon training?

I'm running a marathon this fall, and I want to bring my toddler with me while I train. What stroller should I buy?

Chariot Cougar jogging stroller

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I’m impressed with the Chariot Cougar ($535; not least because its design elements keep parents as happy as kids: its wheels, 20-inch, lightweight, all-terrain rigs, are designed for secure handling on both dirt and pavement, the suspension can be adjusted without tools, and the weather cover clicks on and off silently, which means your kid may stay asleep that much longer. Kids will like it too, of course: there’s a padded seat back, a wider, longer cockpit for more leg room, and giant polyurethane windows.

But what’s really cool about the Cougar is its flexibility: you can buy an adapter kits that allow it to go hiking, cross-country skiing, and cycling. So if you get injured, cross-train to your heart’s content. Just don’t forget snacks for you passenger.

There’s also the Bob Ironman, the official stroller of the Ironman ($409; The key to logging long miles with this baby cruiser is its lightweight alloy wheels. If the Cougar looks like a space capsule with its enclosed carriage, the Bob is a more traditional upright stroller, with suspension, a five-point padded harness to keep your kid in one place, a multi-position canopy adjuster, and a hand brake.

—Stephanie Pearson

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Brett Gilmour