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Our Test Ride of Cake’s Kalk E-Motorbike

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We got our hands on the Cake Kalk OR ($13,000), a drool-worthy electric dirt bike, for a test on the forest roads outside our hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

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Corrections: (07/31/2019) An earlier headline for this video mistakenly claimed this was the first-ever electric dirt bike. While it is a new category of bike, it is not the first electric dirt bike. We regret the error.

Video Transcript

EMILY: Hey, guys. Emily here with Outside Magazine. Today I have the Cake Kalk E-Motorbike. They were kind enough to send us one for testing for a couple weeks, and today we're out in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we're going to give it a go. 



Here's our overview of a couple of the features on this motorcycle. It runs off of a lithium battery. There's no gas. It's fully electric. Off of one charge, you get 3 and 1/2 hours of riding. 

So on this motorcycle, there's no shifting. You just twist and go, and there's three different riding styles, along with three different braking styles. For the riding styles, you have one that just cruise. You don't mind how fast you're going. You kind of want to get the best out of your battery. 

There's a second. You want to go a little bit faster. You're going to have reduced battery life, but then the third one, that's when you're going to be racing. There's also three different braking types. So there's one that's just a free wheel experience. So you can use both brakes to brake. And then there's two and three, which is like a two-stroke and a four-stroke experience. 

So you have engine braking. So when you lay off of the throttle, it automatically brakes for you. So the way you turn this motorcycle on is just by attaching this magnet to the cap here. And you'll see all of your indicator lights coming on on your dashboard. 

So you have a temperature indicator and then your battery indicator. And then these two knobs control your ride speed and your brake speed. So this is for your riding, and this is for your brakes. 

So Cake put some really interesting tires on these things. They're called Trail Savers and the tread design is meant to have a minimal impact on the trails around you. 



So I've put about two hours of riding on this bike so far, and here are my first impressions. It's really flowy, super snappy, really responsive under the twist of a throttle. My only complaint about this bike is you can't lower it at all. I have short legs. Sometimes when I come to a stop, it's kind of a struggle to get my foot down on the ground fast enough to not go overboard.