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Inspiration for Your Custom Adventure Rig

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In part two of Bryan Rogala's recon mission to Overland Expo West, he gets more ideas from innovative rigs, like the Antishanty. 

Video Transcript

BRYAN ROGALA: All right, guys. We're walking around the parking lot at Overland Expo. This is the way to find the cool stuff. So we're going to go see what we can find. Usually, there's a lot of kind of weird, different adventure rigs. And then it's just a great idea to find whatever you drive and see what you could do to it by getting ideas from other people. 

This morning, we were walking around and we ran into Rod here, who has this amazing thing called the AntiShanty. Why don't you tell me a little bit about it. 

ROD LEISHMAN: It's the best AntiShanty out there. We built this trailer as an Overland trailer so that it will give people an experience every time they get in it. 

BRYAN ROGALA: And you guys are from Utah, you're skiers and mountain bikers and stuff like that. That's why you built this thing. 

ROD LEISHMAN: We all love outdoors. We love the sports, the winter sports, the summer sports. So this is a great dwelling for backcountry skiing. It's a great dwelling for busy national parks, hiking. It's a great dwelling for surfers. There's a place on the other side you can rack surfboards-- 


ROD LEISHMAN: Stand-up paddle boards, so, yeah. It's all users in the Overland experience. It's really lightweight. The Plus model is 1,700 pounds. 


ROD LEISHMAN: And we have a 1,400-pound base model for those do-it-yourselfers. 

BRYAN ROGALA: Well show me around the inside here, and what we've got. 

ROD LEISHMAN: Yeah. Open the door and come on in. 

BRYAN ROGALA: We've got a picnic table down here. This converts into a bed. 

ROD LEISHMAN: Correct. So part of the cool thing of our trailer is, it always has a queen bed set-up up top. So regardless if you're one, two, or four people traveling, you have a queen bed set-up on top. The bottom section is a picnic table right now. Six adults can sit in here comfortably and eat dinner. Or, you can lay the center section down and you have another queen bed. 


ROD LEISHMAN: The Plus model comes with the Wallace diesel stovetop and air heater. 

BRYAN ROGALA: Oh, it's a heater, cool. 

ROD LEISHMAN: It's a heater, too. So in the down mode, it's going to heat and in the up mode, it's gonna cook. 


ROD LEISHMAN: It comes with a porta potty. It comes with LED lighting throughout, and it comes with a lithium battery, and it comes solar-ready. It comes with the Timbren axles, comes with the bigger off-road tires. 

BRYAN ROGALA: So it's ready to go. You can pretty much take this thing anywhere that your vehicle can go. 

ROD LEISHMAN: We think so. 


ROD LEISHMAN: Throw your gear in, start your adventure. 

BRYAN ROGALA: Nice. So show me the garage up here. 

ROD LEISHMAN: It's in the front of the trailer, help distribute the weight, but it's secured with a lock so you can put all your high-end gear. You can even have the heater, so it'll pump dry air in here as well. 

BRYAN ROGALA: Oh, nice. Dry out your boots. 

ROD LEISHMAN: So a lot of options. Dry out your boots, yeah. 


ROD LEISHMAN: There's a lot of options for this. 

BRYAN ROGALA: Well, thanks for showing us around. 

ROD LEISHMAN: Yeah, thank you. 

BRYAN ROGALA: Appreciate it. 


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