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Finding Flow with Professional Mountain Biker Mike Hopkins

When filmmakers and avid mountain bikers Scott Secco and Mike Hopkins set out to make Flow State, the objective was to set the viewer in a perspective that would allow them to witness what it's like to find flow on a mountain bike. Hopkins told us, “It's honestly something that you just feel. When you spend a lot of time doing something, you become completely tuned in, and it becomes second nature.” 


Hopkins and Secco have been creating films together for years with their production company Juicy Studios, and you can find their films Dreamride and Dreamride 2 on our video channel. While those films took them to locations around the world, Flow State was shot on their home turf of British Columbia. Over the course of the filming process, they drove for 23 hours, set up seven cable cams, took a ferry, crashed three times, and devoured 13 burritos.