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We Dig This Car-Camping Rocking Chair

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Usually the heavier the camp chair, the more comfortable it is. And GCI's FirePit Rocker ($65) is no exception. Don't bring it backpacking, but if you want extreme luxury while car camping, this is just the seat in which to rest your rear.

Video Transcript

WILL EGENSTEINER: Hi, everyone. I'm Will Egensteiner from Outside Magazine. And here, I've got GCI Outdoor's firepit rocker. 


So this camp chair's calling card are these pistons on the back legs. As the name implies, they allow you to rock back and forth, just making for a really comfortable camp chair. Not only did I like it, but last year when I brought it to the annual outside camping trip, and every time I got up from around the fire to get another beer or check on the dog, I'd inevitably come back and someone had stolen it. And I had to find a new place to sit. But it's very comfortable, super stable. 

I do have a few quibbles, though. It is a bit low. So for a taller guy like me, it can be a little hard to get in and out of. And it only folds in half, so it's not super portable. Keep in mind. You don't want to take it anywhere where storage is at a premium. But it's great for car camping, picnics, anything where you've got unlimited space.