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Introducing the Goat Surf Club—and the Time Its Members Got Stuck in Morocco

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Roo, Ben, and Thomas—a.k.a. the Goat Surf Club—met in high school in the United Kingdom. Connected by their love of surfing, the three became best friends. So when Roo moved back to the U.S., his home country, they knew that they would reunite again someday. 

Five years later, in December 2021, they met in Morocco for a surf trip. What began as a simple vacation, with good waves and food and friendly people, turned into a wild adventure when Morocco closed its borders and banned incoming and outgoing flights due to a new COVID-19 variant. The three surfers were stuck. 

The film series Goat Surf Club: Trapped in Morocco, by filmmaker Roo Smith, details their journey. This is episode one.