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Colorado’s Most Idyllic Off-Grid Cabin

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In central Colorado near the San Isabel National Forest, this cabin was built entirely with timber and materials from the ranch on which it sits. It’s equipped with a wood stove, gas cooktop, sauna, outdoor shower, sleeping loft, and enough ice skates to outfit a hockey team. Filmmaker Brian Galyon of Colorado Backcountry Adventures walks us through the cabin and shows off his digs for the winter.

Video Transcript

Home sweet home for the next three months
Man I'm excited I've got this
Shower right here runs off propane. Got an awesome light, nice bed down here. Good little kitchen area
With shelves so I can store some stuff
got the
Life-saving stove and can cook on that. All the lights in here are propane
or white gas and here's looking down on that area. I come up in the sleeping loft here and
and then
This is it. So I am stoked, I cannot wait
to experience
winter in this off-grid cabin. And all this this timber and everything
This is all from the property so everything that you see in here as far as construction materials are concerned, this was all
from the property itself and so really stoked coming out here,
we've got the pond.
This is a pond, it's got natural cutthroats I believe
they're either natural cutts or brooks, and then there's a stream that comes in right here, and that's what feeds this
pond right off of the deck that I have
for this cabin. So this cabin is phenomenal. It's really well built and then around the corner here. Let's go this way actually,
I'll show you the outhouse.
House right there, there's the saw that was used to build this place, and then here's the gem right here.
In the summertime to the right is the outdoor shower,
and on the left is the wood-fired sauna.
So let's go check that out real quick.
You guys are going to love this...
Little spring right there for water and then...
I'll get that later. And then here's the sauna itself.
So you've got your
stove, get that all fired up. I've got a basin in here too.
You can use that for showering and a place to hang your robes or your towels or whatever you want and then
It's pretty rad, so I'm really excited for this winter. It's going to be such a cool experience to be in this off-grid cabin and
There's no no water. No electricity. I do have a little solar panel out here that charges a battery, a deep cycle battery
so I can turn on a 400 watt inverter at night
Be able to charge up
you know like a
computer and stuff like that, but I'm just really excited for this.
It's it's incredible to be able to be out here
and I'm just trading a little bit of work to help out with the ranch I'm at in
return for the
free lodging of this cabin, so I'm really excited
then the only thing I've got to do now is I got to go get a bunch of firewood and start processing that for the
stove. So I'm gonna go in the back area over here. There's a bunch of down timber up in that area and
get that all squared away, and then probably get the stove going.
Can't wait for this winter!