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Live Like You’re Dying: The Story of One Skateboarder’s Battle with Cancer

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In May 2019, DJ Stewart had it all. A skateboarder, business owner, husband, and friend, he was just about to start a new job and felt like he had a lot to look forward to. So when he was diagnosed with brain cancer and told he had less than two years to live, his whole world shifted. Rare Enough, directed by Ryan Lovell, follows Stewart’s battle with the illness and how his attitude, strong friendships, and community in Kansas City helped him miraculously beat it. 

The Rare Enough crew includes Chris Durr, Ben Kaplan, Connor Birch, the Post Haus, Matthew Filipek, Pat Monroe, Tyler Krupski and Shawn Wright, Cory Hinesley, Evan Wunsch, and the Midwest Film Company.