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This Mountaineer Hiked Austria’s Nordkette Traverse in One Day

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From Remco Graas’ office desk in Innsbruck, Austria, he can see the whole Nordkette Traverse, a 20-mile ridgeline that overlooks the central European city. One day, he decided to hike the whole ridgeline in one go—because why not?

Though it may seem like Graas has been an outdoorsy soul from the start, that’s not the case. He grew up in a family that camped and hiked in the Alps, but he was always eager to return home to play video games or swim in the pool. Something changed in Graas as he grew older, though, and by his late teenage years, he was hooked on exploring the mountains.

Step by Step, from Black Diamond, shares Graas’ story and chronicles his quest to hike the Nordkette Traverse in a day, from sunrise to sunset.