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Riding and Paddling Across the Mongolian Altai Mountains

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Joey Schusler has been at the cutting edge of adventure filmmaking for a few years now, with films such as The Bus, Pedal to Peaks 2, and Yeti Cycle’s 'Proven Here' series. In his most recent adventure, Flashes of the Altai, Schusler and childhood friends Mason Lacy and Sam Seward ventured to the remote regions of Mongolia. The goal: packraft and mountain bike through the Mongolian Altai, one of the most sparsely populated areas of the world. The journey required them to navigate glacial ridgelines and rivers filled with silt due to runoff. Along the way, they encountered a few locals hunting with golden eagles, intense whitewater sections, and a ruthless climate. In the words of Schusler, “This was not an adventure these young lads would soon forget.”

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