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Oiselle Makes the Best Running Shirt

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Assistant editor Kelsey Lindsey donsĀ Oiselle's Lux Funnel Neck shirt ($48) while running, climbing, and heading to and from the gym. Thanks to the buttery-soft fabric, wearing it is like being swaddled in your favorite blanket, even as you're working the TRX bands.

Video Transcript

SUBJECT: Hi, everyone. Today I'm going to be talking about one of my favorite workout shirts. This is the Lux Funnel Neck from Oiselle. I like this because—you actually might have seen me wearing this a lot in our Moves videos, and that's because it's one of my favorite workout shirts. I like this mostly because of the fabric. They have this thing called Lux fabric at Oiselle. It just looks so soft. It's just, like, I don't know, wearing a comfort blanket or something. It's also very machine washable. I've spilled anything from coffee to breakfast-burrito juice all over this, and it's come right off. Another reason I like this is the funnel neck itself. When I'm running, I like to have some things around my neck just to keep me warm. And a lot of times, when you have shirts that have kind of high collars, they just flap around in front of you, and they get really annoying. This doesn't really do that. It still keeps you warm but kind of stays in its place. The last thing I really like about this is the seams on the arms. This is just pretty much cosmetic, I think. But I think it adds kind of a good panache to the shirt, and I think it's really pretty. So if you have any other questions, leave them in the comments below.

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