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Staff Picks: Eureka Camp Café

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Here, Emily introduces us to her favorite new campsite best friend. Eureka’s Camp Café ($100) is a convenient coffee-making system available for large groups of people (or folks that need their joe in mass quantities). It can make up to 12 cups at a time and nests neatly inside itself for easy transport.

Video Transcript

Hey guys! Emily here from Outside Magazine. Today I have the Eureka Camp Café system. This thing is the ultimate camp coffee system, and it all nests inside this 2.5-liter pot. There’s three pieces total. And inside you’ll find a 12-cup carafe where you can store your coffee once it’s brewed. And then, inside of that, you have a standard size-four pour-over that fits right on top of it. So if you’re like me in the woods, you need a ton of coffee to get through the day. This thing will make up to 12 cups of coffee at once. And this 2.5-liter pot will boil 60 ounces of water in six minutes. 

The Camp Café is from Eureka. It’s $100, and it will be out this spring. 

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