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‘Not Just a Boys’ Club’ Kicks Gender Stereotypes in Climbing to the Curb

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Earlier this year, the B.I.G. Initiative, a Canadian nonprofit that helps women achieve their goals in climbing, launched a film series focused on amplifying the voices of women in the sport. Not Just a Boys’ Club, created in partnership with the North Face and Mate Libre, shares the stories of nine women as they climb, route-set, and navigate working in the male-dominated industry. The series aims to encourage the climbing community to reexamine the role gender plays in how women seek out and obtain opportunities in the sport.

In part one, filmmaker Alexa Fay follows Canadian route setters Sachi Adachi, Rasha Taha, and Viviane Pham at their respective gyms as they discuss the challenges they have faced in climbing and why they want to make the space more welcoming for all.