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We Need More All-Female Ski Videos Like This One

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Girl Crush tells the story of four women—Mali Noyes, Mary McIntyre, Lani Bruntz, and Nicole Jorgenson—who set out on a five-day Idaho backcountry ski expedition with one of their idols, Jessica Baker. What ensues is a whole lot of laughter, epic runs, and more than one conversation about wag bags (yikes). The film, from Salomon and onX Backcountry, shows how much fun and value can come from strong female friendships, as well as the importance of encouraging women to be in these thrilling landscapes. “I think there are more and more women [in the backcountry] taking charge, running the show, and getting out there as the lead, but we need more,” Baker says. “It’s still male-dominated and the more we can support women, the better off we are.”

The film was directed and produced by Mali Noyes and Mary McIntyre, filmed by Sophie Danison, and edited by Team Thirteen.

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