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Crafted in Carhartt: Matt and Mike Romine

How twin brothers from Detroit are changing the food supply for the better

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“What we do,” says Matt Romine, “is whole-animal butchery. But local meat in metro Detroit is very difficult to come by.” No worries. Matt and his twin brother, Mike—both chefs as well as butchers—had an inside line: their dad raises hogs. So, starting with Dad’s pigs, they built a network of sustainable small farms within 200 miles of Detroit, and opened Farm Field Table in 2017. Their goal is to supply the best dry-aged beef and all manner of humanely-raised meats to area restaurants. Eighteen months later, the rapidly growing family business now supplies 75 restaurants and employs 22 people. “It’s a happy coincidence that animal welfare and sustainability come hand in hand with the best-tasting meats,” says Matt. “Today we influence the entire food supply in Detroit. We’re reaching 12,000 people a day.”

Favorite Carhartt Gear: Matt teaches each new butcher how to break down an animal and holds monthly butchery classes for the public. He cooks outside, too, which is where his waterproof Shoreline Jacket comes in handy. “That thing has saved my ass so many times,” says Matt. “I’m out there roasting pork in my Carhartt jacket in the rain—wearing a Carhartt beanie, of course, this is Detroit.”

In this 4-part series, Carhartt teamed up with Outside to recognize, thank, and tell the stories of a group of hardworking people that don’t often get appreciated for the work, dedication, and long hours they put in. The series also includes a woodworker turning exotic hardwoods into works of art, a second-generation surfboard maker, and a woman saving Detroit’s dying trees from the landfill. To shop Carhartt, click here.

Lead Photo: John Roe - Roe Photo