(Photo: Elliot Ross)
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Crafted in Carhartt: Josh Martin

For this second-generation surfboard maker, it’s all about combining old-school methods and sustainable materials

Elliot Ross(Photo)

A board shaper for pro athletes and the surfing public alike, Josh Martin still uses the same tools his father did back when he was building wooden longboards for The Endless Summer–era surfers in the 1950s. The craft has always been a part of his life: he shaped his first board in 1986, took over the business when his dad passed away in 2012, and now makes boards by hand for surfers like world champion  Rachael Tilly. “My dad started building boards for her when she was 11 years old,” says Martin. “Right now, as we speak, she’s competing on a board we made together last week. She’s 20 now. It’s pretty rad to sit on the beach and watch, knowing that you were involved.” Martin’s next project is to build a board for an upcoming The Endless Summer documentary. “I’m making it out of recycled cooler foam and bio-resins. If nothing else, it will get people talking about sustainability.”

Favorite Carhartt Gear: Martin works in his home shop in the Canvas Work Shorts and Workwear Pocket T-shirt, but he digs the Full Swing Chore Coat when it gets chilly in the evenings. “I work in sandals,” says Martin. “If I put on the overalls, everyone would know I was faking.”

In this 4-part series, Carhartt teamed up with Outside to recognize, thank, and tell the stories of a group of hardworking people that don’t often get appreciated for the work, dedication, and long hours they put in. The series also includes two brothers who are providing humanely-raised meats to area restaurants in Detroit, a woodworker turning exotic hardwoods into works of art, and a woman saving Detroit’s dying trees from the landfill. To shop Carhartt, click here.

Lead Photo: Elliot Ross