Your Ultimate Adventure Life List

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You can help us create Outside's all new 2010 Life List by answering the questions below. What’s a life list? A series of goals that, if achieved,would make a full and wild life. If you tell us what's on your list, we'll do the research so you can have all the info you'll need to get going.

Email your answers to, and check out our September issue to see the results.

1. If you could take one trip before you die, you would:
a. Go on safari
b. Explore the Arctic/Antarctic
c. See the Amazon
d. Explore Patagonia
e. See Australia/New Zealand

2. What adventure feat do you dream of doing:
a. Rafting a classic river
b. Trekking the Himalayas
c. Sailing around the world
d. Finding lost ruins
e. Climbing an 8,000-meter peak

3. What lifestyle change sounds most appealing to you:
a. Living abroad for a year
b. Being a fishing/skiing/raft bum
c. Buying a second home in the mountains
d. Becoming a guide
e. Joining the circus

4. What party trick would you most like to master:
a. Win a beard-growing contest
b. Learn to lasso
c. Breathe fire
d. Become an expert hatchet thrower
e. Learn a magic trick

5. What sport would you most like to master:
a. Sailing
b. Surfing
c. Fly-fishing
d. Kayaking
e. Climbing

6. What skill would you most like to master:
a. Speak a second language
b. Learn the constellations
c. Repair any bike
d. Learn to fly a plane
e. Take a great photo

7. What fitness goals would you most like to master:
a. Get a six-pack
b. Learn to dunk
c. Get your pulse below 60
d. Bench your bodyweight
e. Win your age group in a race

8. Which philanthropic feat would you most like to brag about:
a. Raising $2,500 for your favorite cause
b. Building a school in a foreign country
c. Mentoring a child in an outdoor sport
d. Saving/creating a hiking/biking trail

9. Last, but not least, tell us the top ten things on your life list–we just might publish it in the magazine.