Electric and gasoline-powered scooters are changing the vibes in the Big Apple’s soaring network of bicycle lanes. And columnist Eben Weiss isn’t happy bout it.

The antiquated bicycle technology is quiet, reliable, and more inspiring than newer gizmos

Columnist Eben Weiss explains why the bike path becomes more congested—or empty—depending on the Big Apple’s changing conditions

The Big Apple has changed a lot since 2009 with the introduction of bike lanes, micro-mobility gadgets, and the CitiBike program

Competitive cycling—even at the amateur level—can teach you a lot about bikes, yourself, and life

The ’burbs get a bad rap—sometimes justifiably—for sprawling streets and car culture run amok. But city life presents biking challenges that are just as unnerving.

Fueled by fearmongering and phony rhetoric, plans to force cyclists to obtain licenses are not new—but they are ridiculous

Some cyclists are drawn to advocacy while others remain uninterested. Eben Weiss explores biking’s political divide.

Columnist Eben Weiss argues that any shoe is potentially a great bike shoe

The popularity of gravel cycling has prompted tire manufacturers to go wider and softer. Has the trend gone too far?

A new bike advocacy group is asking cyclists to deflate the tires on SUVs. Eben Weiss believes there’s a better way to push for safe streets.

It seems like a sin of omission not to help a new cyclist learn the basics of flat repair, since a puncture is often the difference between a few minutes of roadside futzing and waiting for a car ride home

Is your home filled with rusty cassettes, threadbare Lycra shorts, and butyl tubes awaiting repair? Columnist Eben Weiss knows what to do with your used bike junk.

Columnist Eben Weiss wonders if bike advocates are too focused on vehicle size, when it’s the actions of the driver that are most important

Eben Weiss predicts what’s on the horizon for bike tech: zero compatibility, smartphone-controlled everything, and gear so complex that only a specialist will be able to fix it

Columnist Eben Weiss explains how the Woom NOW cargo bike overcomes the hurdles kids face in the commute to and from the classroom

Who makes the rules? Can men and women team up? Columnist Eben Weiss tackles the most pressing question about cycling’s hippest races.

The rise of electric micromobility gadgets has brought more people into bike lanes across the country. Is there still room for cyclists?

Is Father Time catching up with you on the group ride? This checklist may help you determine if it’s time to prepare for the next phase of your cycling life.

Modern drivetrains are a net win for consumers, but there’s a loss of simplicity in the push to add more gears

Denim rocks—I don’t hesitate to hop the saddle in a pair of jeans

‘Deep Water’ marks the first time a gravel bike has appeared in a major motion picture. Well, a motion picture, anyway.

No, it’s not the new golf—road cycling is cheaper and easier than ever, and it’s ready for a makeover

A recent climate commitment pledge among leading cycling brands conjured an unexpected feeling in our Bike Snob columnist—empathy

Matej Mohoric used a dropper seatpost to win Italy’s Milano-Sanremo road race, and then declared that the traditional mountain-bike component is “the future of cycling.” Here’s why that matters for you.

Hello bike noises, my old friend

With used car prices through the roof, it’s time for cyclists to put our money where our mouth is

There’s the pathological response, and there’s the reasonable one

They might not be the epitome of cool—or are they?

A 16-year-old in Texas drove into a group of cyclists in Waller County, Texas. Should he have been behind the wheel in the first place?

Red tape is the new bar tape

Before enlightenment, get on and pedal. After enlightenment, get on and pedal—but we do pass through several transitional phases along the way.

Each one is a reflection of our society—for better or for worse

A case for pedaling a step-through bike

That brand-new 2021 model may be hard to come by these days, but the used bike market has endless inventory. Here’s why old bikes rule.

With working conditions like these, who would let their babies grow up to race bikes for a living?

Why this long-time cyclist is still in love with mechanical

When it comes to public image for our elected officials, being seen on a bicycle is as fraught as a first dinner with the in-laws

Riding bikes is easy. Keeping bikes is the hard part.

In the shadow of tragic events like this, can we raise awareness of the dangers cyclists face without scaring people away from bikes? And how do we maintain our own love of cycling?

It's never too cold to ride outside. (Well, almost never.)

It's long enough to work the magic, but short enough that there's no excuse not to do it

Bicycles have been agents of change and rebellion since the 19th century. That's why seeing law enforcement use them to repress protesters feels especially jarring and wrong.

You're contributing to America's addiction to speeding—and you're much more likely to kill someone

Locked-down cities have opened streets to cyclists and pedestrians. But what happens when the traffic comes back?

Gravel may be all the rage, but nothing teaches you more about being a cyclist than riding on the road

Instead of figuring out what to do about the 2020 race, organizers should start planning for next year and use the opportunity to finally create a true women's Tour de France. Here's how it could work.

And they're even more important during the coronavirus pandemic

Flatten the curve, skip the group ride, and head for the hills solo—it'll do wonders for your body and mind

As COVID-19 shuts down buses and trains in cities, we remember that bicycles are the ultimate contingency plan

A little goes a long way (for your ego)

Can the sport’s trendiest discipline reinvigorate its national governing body? And should we even care?

The basketball icon knows that if you want kids to succeed, you need to give them access to bikes and bike lanes

If you think bikes are just lifeless objects, maybe you just haven't met the right bike

Bad behavior might be jeopardizing access to Kingdom Trails, one of the premier networks on the East Coast. Here's what we can learn from it.

Here's why you should stop Zwifting and start truing

It's all about what you make of it

Times have changed. Espresso and aero everything are out, pour-over and flannel are in.

On the bike, laws are secondary and survival is paramount

Our New York City–based bike columnist visited America's most up-and-coming cycling destination and found it well deserving of the hype

We keep hearing about the supposed dangers of shared e-scooters, but the numbers tell a different story

Rule one: if it ain't broke, don't fix it

The Lumos Matrix features turn signals, brake lights, and a customizable message panel. But by rallying around this "connected" helmet, are we surrendering to what it really represents?

If you cheat in a virtual bike race, should you suffer IRL consequences?

Cycling is already mainstream. It’s time for the media to catch up.

Bike technology has gotten really, really good. So how do you pick your next bike in an age of overwhelming choice?

Urban riding is the greatest adventure. We just need to make it even more accessible.

A mandatory helmet law in NYC is how Vision Zero ends.

Cars may have driven us apart, but we’re natural allies. Here’s how to do your part to heal the divide.

These ubiquitous and inexpensive bikes are oft-maligned—but when it comes to accessibility, they win

Riding to your flight is the ultimate in smugness

Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced what he calls an "audacious" new proposal to address this year’s dramatic rise in cycling fatalities. It must only be the start.

We owe it to our children to get them on two wheels

When it comes to CO2 emission reduction, it’s no contest between e-bikes and electric cars

Vision Zero isn’t working because it doesn’t address the underlying (and fixable) problem: there are way too many cars on the road

Bike commuting makes most of us obsess over our clothes. This is patently absurd.

It’s true. I am a bicycle scofflaw. Sue me.

These devices are inherently stupid and profoundly antisocial, and their very existence is proof of their own uselessness

These kids today...riding bikes? In the streets?? The horror!!!