When former NFL hit man Darryl Haley lumbered into the Ironman, he knew that he would become the biggest thing triathlon has ever seen.

Like Buford Pusser before him, Sheriff Harry Lee is mad. For his brazen archenemy--the nutria, a large, burrowing, oversexed rodent with an insatiable appetite for flood-control canals--that means a dose of maximum justice.

A tale of big money, prison, Disney World, and the world's foremost dinosaur-hunting twins.

Twentieth Century Fox sought out an isolated tropical beach in Thailand. Then they put Leonardo DiCaprio on it. And then created a vision of wilderness despoiled by a tale of wilderness despoiled. Out of which unfolds a media fable with real-life consequences in a world haunted by travelers' dreams of paradise.

The Great Reinhold Messner unmasks his latest conquest