This short track session of 400-meter repeats will help you get fit fast. Here's a beginner and an advanced version.

A challenging, effort-based hill workout that takes you farther and farther — 'til you finally get to the top.

It's not too late to start training for a spring marathon, as long as you've been doing some running this winter. Here's an 8-week plan to get you race fit in a hurry, without overdoing it.

Speedwork need not be a mystery — here are all the basic types of speed workouts and how to add them to your training to become a faster runner.

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To race the perfect mile, a runner needs to possess an equal balance of strength and speed. Follow this 8-week, race-specific training plan to develop both and run your PR.

Four fun and effective variations on 1,000m repeats to add some zip to your next speed-focused workout.

Insert some incline into your next interval workout.

This challenging track session will teach your body to relax and aerobically recover while maintaining a fast pace.

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This workout mixes two training elements into the same workout—giving you more bang for your buck!

There's not a cut-and-dry answer, but there are warning signs that your shoes need replacing.

This challenging and versatile speed play option can be used throughout your training program.

Fartlek, the Swedish word for "speed play," is funny to say—but this workout is no joke!

This simple but challenging progression run can be done virtually anywhere and fits into any portion of your training cycle.

Maximize your long runs by adding progressive surges, a training secret from the legendary coach of Bill Rodgers and the Greater Boston Track Club.

Use the following three workouts as inspiration to burn a little rubber this winter and improve your speed, stamina and strength.

Evening races present unique fueling challenges. Use these three tips to step up to the starting line ready to run fast.

A classic workout to build race-specific strength, endurance, and mental toughness

Two-mile repeats serve up a variety of benefits, whatever your training focus

A classic drill to help make you a better runner by improving your running form, functional strength, and efficiency.

Avoid falling into the trap of going medium-hard all the time.

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