This Week’s Missing Links, December 1

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The best articles, photos, and videos I didn’t post this week—until now. (Sorry for missing last week, I was concentrating on digesting my Thanksgiving meal, unlike this fool, who gave up.)

If you only click on one link this week, make it “Learning to Accept, and Master, a $110,000 Mechanical Arm,” from The New York Times.

For the week’s best longform journalism, check out “Weekend Reading: Bigfoot Will See You Now.”

The world’s toughest endurance races. Take 3,723.

The XXL of whitewater kayaking—without the funding, Outside

An ode to climber Patrick Edlinger, The New York Times

An ode to running coach John Cheffers, The Sydney Morning Herald

What does it feel like to win a gold medal eight years later, when you can’t monetize it? The Trailer via David Epstein

Get in the van, Adventure Journal

On the future of adventure filmmaking, Explorer’s Web

An argument for Usain Bolt as Sportsman of the Year, Sports Illustrated

Guess who’s at the front of the list for Anti-Sportsman of the Year? Sports Illustrated

Trying to change the world, one skateboard at a time, Wired

Best POV cam use for showing yard work, YouTube

“Everything wrong with cycling, all in one handy headline and deck,” Outside via Keyeser

Skiers like to vote, maybe more than other people, Powder

Backcountry gear sales continue to rise, ESPN

World’s newest winter sport? Outside

Suurrry, Wiggins. Marianne Vos is the international cyclist of the year, Velo News

Paula Radcliffe’s elite career may be over, Runner’s World

Has anyone seen Bigfoot? Anyone? Outside

The story behind Powder‘s December cover, Powder

Kiteboarder Chases a Speed Title That He Lost to a Rocket-Shaped Boat,” The New York Times

Surfer Chris Malloy’s adventure bucket list, Outside

Dinosaurs may have had the same view of the Grand Canyon that we do?
The New York Times

Who wants to challenge this guy? North America’s best deer tick collector brought in 15,000 last year. NPR

This bacteria has been killing some of these 50- to 100-year-old corals in less than eight weeks.” Los Angeles Times

The mighty Mississippi is running low on water, The New York Times

The FBI used an 18-year-old woman called “Anna” to infiltrate an alleged
ecoterrorism cell. Did she stop a bomb plot before it came off? Or did
she launch one?

So that’s the reason people at NASA are always high fiving each other, Popular Science

About that pipeline and the possible secretary of state who may make the call on it, Outside

Town that banned fracking now faces possible lawsuits from the state and oil companies, The New York Times

Why does the U.S. want to put African lions on the endangered species list? Scientific American

Physicists are not better than you, especially when it comes to infidelity, Popular Science

It’s time for more watchdog science journalism, Reporter’s Lab

Sandy vs. Katrina, by the numbers, The New York Times

Hey, Ridley Scott. “Enter the hyperparasites—wasps that lay eggs in wasps that lay eggs in caterpillars,” Not Exactly Rocket Science

Can a Jellyfish unlock the secret of immortality? The New York Times

Did the EPA just muddy the waters, so to speak, with its new clean water standards for beaches? Outside via On Earth

Anaconda vs. cow, who will win? Wrong. YouTube

The John Belushi of the oceans, Smithsonian

In battle over bivalves, Salazar sides with environmental groups, Outside

Free medicine, or, on the benefits of playing outside
, Outside

Doing some math on the importance of having and wearing eyeglasses, The New York Times

At first glance, these may be two good excuses for not running too much each week: vanity and life expectancy, Outside and Wall Street Journal

On second thought, all that running too much babble needs a deeper look, Sweat Science

Eating a live fish because of a bet is unwise, The Independent

Question: Does flushing the toilet release germs into the air? Answer: Just put your toothbrush in a cabinet. The New York Times

So you’re saying there will be police drones in 15 years?
Popular Science

Should we program those robots to be ethical? New Yorker

A chair made entirely from nurdles, otherwise known as mermaid’s tears, otherwise known as plastic debris, Fast Company

They sit on exercise balls, break Kindles, and other stuff. Welcome to The New York Times R & D Lab, Adweek

Tracking your skateboard tricks via iPhone, Fast Company

A new website that features old school craftsmen, Outside

Welcome to a ghost town in the middle of the ocean
, The Atlantic

OMG, guess who used OMG first in a letter
, Smithsonian

Does anyone know what happened to that plane carrying a million dollars worth of gold that crashed in that Canadian river? Up Here

An interview with the founder of The Drake magazine, Forbes

On the 2016 Olympics and the people of Brazil (watch the second clip), New Yorker

Photographer Tyler Hicks on Gaza City, The New York Times Lens

Diving into Rosa Parks’ arrest records, Smithsonian

—Joe Spring