Runner’s Gut Microbiome on the Endurance Podcast Hosted by Ian Sharman

Scientists and runners Matt Laye and Greg Grosicki delve into how the gut microbiome affects performance and how to optimize it.

Ian Sharman

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The PodiumRunner Endurance Podcast is hosted by Ian Sharman, a professional ultra runner and coach with over 200 marathons or ultra finishes and more than 50 wins (, We discuss training and racing topics with leading sports scientists and how to practically apply research findings for marathoners and ultra runners.

Photo: courtesy Ian Sharman

New episodes drop on the first Wednesday of each month.

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Here’s Episode 2:

Episode 2: Gut Microbiome With Dr. Matt Laye and Dr. Greg Grosicki

Today we’re talking to two scientists who conduct research into the gut microbiome, which is made up of the trillions of microorganisms and their genetic material that live in your intestinal tract. These microorganisms, mainly comprising bacteria, are involved in functions critical to your health and wellbeing, which is especially important for training and racing well.

– Dr. Matt Laye (,, is Assistant Professor and Chair at the Health and Human Performance Department of The College of Idaho. Matt was the 2014 USATF Trail Champion at 100 Miles.

Matt Laye

Photo: Courtesy Matt Laye

– Dr. Greg Grosicki ( or is an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Director of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory at Georgia Southern University and an avid runner.

Greg Grosicki

Photo: Courtesy Greg Grosicki

This show delves into:

– What effects the gut microbiome has on the body.
– Differences in the gut between elites and amateur athletes.
– Whether there’s a short-cut to fitness and health from an elite’s gut microbiome.
– Do probiotics, like yogurts, help and, if so, what type?
– What aspects of lifestyle affect the microbiome, especially diet, sleep, alcohol consumption and training.
– What can runners do to optimize their gut microbiome, and how we know what that means at this point, given that it’s only been researched very recently.

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