Outside Magazine, Oct 1996


October 1996
We Few, We Happy Few, We Band of Fledgling Monkeywrenchers Learning to Speak in Sound Bites
On the front lines of radical environmentalism, there’s a new mantra: spin control. Welcome to Action Camp ’96, where
eager young activists are striving to become the media-savvy leaders of a revamped movement.
By Tad Friend

Within the nation’s largest underground river system, an unparalleled group of cave divers — called simply the Moles — squeezes ever farther through the suffocating darkness, searching for the virgin passage that is their holy grail.
By Bucky McMahon

Wondering Where the Lions Are
In the brochure it was described as “the unfiltered Africa, an extremely rare, hard-core, expeditionary safari in the oldest style.” Which is precisely what it was. A tale of Zimbabwe’s fabled wildlife, and mutiny on the veld.
By Philip Gourevitch

It’s Just the Dog in Them
Planning to leave Fido behind this weekend? Well, you might want to think again. Seven never-say-die reminders of why we call them man’s best friend.
Photographs by Neil Winkour

Bless You, Sir, May I Jog Another?
At the far reaches of human endurance–and smack in the heart of Queens, New York–guru Sri Chinmoy incites his flock to greater and greater athletic heights. Now comes their latest, a 2,700-mile shuffle toward the Infinite Divine. Or as one acolyte puts it, “If you’re not going to transcend, what’s the point?” Plus: How to influence friends and win disciples through amazing feats of … physics.
By Devon Jackson

A trio of junk-food-fueled Germans looks to sweep the Hawaii Ironman this month. The Park Service pays seven figures to settle a pesky liability suit. Could this be the beginning of the end for our nation’s backcountry? Revered bike builder Grant Petersen unveils his latest. A River Runs Through It takes the stage as New Age metaphor. The planet’s most talented–and not so talented–surfers face off in their own mini-Olympics. PLUS: Industrial-hemp activist Woody Harrelson braces for the hoosegow, a Montana doctor becomes the first African-American to scale an 8,000-meter peak, a closer look at those notorious bee killers, and curious facts on both Yosemite’s frightening rockfall and one of the most flammable summers on record.

Out There
Why do bad things happen to folks who possess a centuries-old Indian relic? With an archaeologist in tow, our man tries to get to the bottom of the Curse of the Calusa Medallion.
By Randy Wayne White

Field Notes
Inextricably intertwined with this ageless land, the author’s return to Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay reveals beauty both delicate and dramatic–but no less mysterious than he had known before.
By Robert Stone

The Wild File
What was the biggest pumpkin ever grown? What distinguishes a river from a creek? Is the “green flash” of a tropical sunset real, or just a margarita side effect?

Mexico’s wild and crowd-free Pacific coast: six quick sporting escapes to seaside towns where the only things bustling are the reefs and the waves. Plus: Survival strategies for touring the shoreline’s narrow, winding thoroughfare, and a gourmand’s guide to the region’s best seafood. The private, fragrant way to explore northern California’s legendary Stinson Beach. Enjoying the post-Olympic dividends from Atlanta’s newest open-to-the-public venues. PLUS: A convenient home base for travelers in Kathmandu; climbing, kayaking, and hang gliding near Crested Butte; and more.

Stronger legs through the powers of gravity: The downhill stretches of your daily jog provide more than mere respite–they’re the fastest way to prime your quads for the rigors of backpacking, distance running, and even skiing. The U.S. Ski Team’s weight regimen for strengthening your “downhill muscles.” How to properly tape those easy-to-tweak ankles. Training-table advice for going long this fall.

Cameras that provide freedom of choice: A newly refined breed of SLR lets you decide whether to use autofocus, fully manual settings, or anything in between. The best on the market from Minolta, Nikon, Canon, and Pentax. A revolutionary new format that offers high-quality prints with point-and-shoot ease. What you need to know about both zoom and fixed focal-length lenses. Carrying cases to protect your photographic investment. PLUS: Rugged but sophisticated field coats from L.L. Bean, Polo, Woolrich, Orvis, and J. Barbour & Sons; Gary Snyder’s long-awaited opus, Mountains and Rivers Without End; and more.

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