Outside Magazine, Oct 2013

The Guide to Life


To read these articles from the October issue, check out the Outside Guide to Life.

First Word: Ian Frazier on keeping your childhood wild and free.
The Archetype: Ashima Shiraishi.
Vitals: Texts, twinkies, and broken bones.
Covet: The world’s coolest treehouse.
The Life Canon: Scott Anderson prescribes an essential young-adventurer’s reading list.

Your CV Can Wait
Carefree summers are few. Make ’em count with a job outdoors. By Frederick Reimers

Fast Times at Singletrack High
In Marin County, teen endurance geeks are turning mountain-bike racing into a varsity sport. By Michael Roberts

20-30: PLAY RISK
First Word: Eliza Griswold on leaving the career track behind.
The Archetype: Andrew Forsthoefel.
Vitals: Snow, booze, and camper vans.
Essentials: Versatile, bombproof gear.
The Life Canon: Steven Rinella reminds you there’s a big world out there.

The Merry Prankster
For Nick Waggoner, growing up means making artsy movies that turn ski porn on its head. By Grayson Schaffer

Destination Drinking
These are your prime honky-tonkin’ years. Hit as many of these bars and festivals as possible. By Gordy Megroz

The Archetype: GoPro founder Nick Woodman on the power of persistence.
Vitals: Sex, kids, and the long haul.
The Life Canon: Patrick Symmes buckles down on work, love, and literature.

Crossing to Safety
Taking smarter risks to build a life that matters. By Brian Mockenhaupt

Eat Right for Life
Master the kitchen with these five perfect ingredients. By Jen Schwartz

Sea Change
A dot-com refugee’s thriving underwater-exploration startup. By Chris Colin

First Word: Hampton Sides on making choices in your middle years.
The Archetype: M. Sanjayan.
Vitals: Bond girls, soccer dads, and high-adrenaline activities.
Essentials: Toys to avert a midlife crisis.
The Life Canon: Alexandra Fuller gets her soul’s house in order.

This Is 48
How does surfing legend Dave Kalama dominate competitors half his age? Stephanie Pearson embeds in the big kahuna’s Maui fitness camp to find out.

Get Up and Go
You’re never too old for a classic, pack-up-the-van, sleep-where-you-fall dirtbag road trip. by Mark Jenkins

First Word: Mark Singer on the things that get better with age.
The Archetype: Ed Viesturs.
Vitals: Second acts and first aches.
The Life Canon: Bob Shacochis finds inspiration in extraordinary lives.

Big Time
Break out the wallet and splurge on the trip of a lifetime. By Stephanie Pearson

Mom and Dad’s Excellent Adventure
What do you do when your parents up and join the Peace Corps? By Eric Hansen

When in Doubt, Go Higher
Black Diamond CEO Peter Metcalf talks about pain, pull-ups, and his upward climb.

First Word: Jim Harrison on dogs, women, fish, and oatmeal.
The Archetype: Bill Iffrig.
Vitals: Ironmen, Mount Everest,and beachside condos.
The Life Canon: Tim Cahill reads whatever he damn well wants.

Off Your Rocker
With a host of new medical technologies and a hint of common sense, there’s no reason aging athletes can’t stay in the game. By Brian Alexander