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From gear deals to workout tunes, our favorite Web sites deliver

Megan Michelson

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Whether you’re a seven-minute-mileror more the slow and steady type, BEST WORKOUT MUSIC lets you search for and purchase songs with a tempo that exactly matches your pace. Even cooler: The niftyRepacer program can alter the beat in your favorite tunes—which means you can now actually run to Radiohead.


Will Gadd, mixed climber and record-setting paraglider

iPOD LINEUP: “F-ck off,” Kid Rock; “Inhale Exhale,” Rollins Band; “Vision Thing,” Sisters of Mercy; “Bombtrack,” Rage Against the Machine; “Final Shakedown,” Groove Armada—”Perfect when preparing for a big redpoint,” says Gadd.

FAVORITE FLICK: Se7en (1995)—”I’ve been called crazy for taking so many risks. This film shows that there’s a difference between being clinically off your rocker and being totally committed to a crazy idea.”

OG Original Gangster
, Ice-T (1991)—”Listening to it bef…

Not that you need the government to tell you to put the bun back on your burger,but if fad diets have you confused, check out the no-frills MY PYRAMID site, run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. You’ll find the simplest explanation of how much of each food group you should consume based on your age, gender, and activity level.

Get at least 50 percent off retail prices on outdoor gear at STEEP AND CHEAP. The latest deals on equipment—new, but mostly last year’s models—are posted daily; sign up for an e-mail, instant message, or RSS feed when a new pair of trail runners (or ski pants or whatever you’re after) becomes available.

When will everyone in the world have access to clean water? Why do people fear nuclear energy? Can we stop global warming? Discuss among yourselves at DROPPING KNOWLEDGE, an international forum that aims to get people talking about social and environmental issues.

Skier Kit DesLauriers and surfer Taylor Knox are fans of YOGA TODAY‘s downloadable, sport-specific yoga classes. Led by athletic Jackson, Wyoming–based instructors, hourlong sessions are shot in high definition against the inspiring backdrop of the Tetons—then delivered straight to your laptop daily. The best part? They’re free. yogatoday.comNever miss first chair again: Sign up for RUBBERSNOW‘s free wireless reports and get an early-morning e-mail or text message when there’s fresh stuff at one of 478 North American resorts.

BREATHING EARTH is simple but hard-hitting: A global map displays the real-time carbon output, birth rate, and death rate of every country in the world. Find out that it takes the United States just 5.4 seconds to spit out 1,000 tons of CO2—compared with China’s 9.2 seconds and Mali’s 15.8 hours.

Thanks to more than a dozen contributors from around the world, GRIDSKIPPER is the best place to find unheard-of new galleries, underground cafés, boutique hotels, and even hot-dog stands in cities from Austin to Zurich.

If Miss Cleo joined forces with Orbitz, the result would be something like FARECAST, which predicts when airfares from 75 departure airports will be at their cheapest. With a 70 percent accuracy rate, it’s not spot-on, but it’s better than a Magic Eight Ball.