The Three Most Interesting World Water Day Promotions

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Courtesy of UN Water

Today is World Water Day, an international event that came about as a result of the the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992. The theme for World Water Day changes each year, with the 2011 theme set as Water for Cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge. It's worth checking out the World Water Day site to see what's going on. Here are three of the coolest promotions we found. They've set goals to help clean up spoiled waterways and provide safe drinking water to a portion of the one billion people in the world without access to it.

Gary White and Matt Damon of put out a new video about the need for clean water in communities around the world. They also teamed up with YouTube, Levi's, and Groupon to raise money for various projects around the world.

Some of the world's biggest stars, like Rihanna and Taylor Swift, are donating their tap water. Go to and pay $5 for a chance to win some really famous tap water. True, it won't taste any better, but you'll feel good after drinking it. The money raised will go to UNICEF.

Teva announced that for each pair of footwear it sells this upcoming year, money will go to protecting one linear foot of waterway. Teva will donate money to the Ocean Conservancy and Waterkeeper Alliance for programs ranging from beach cleanups to water sampling.

Visit  and let us know what other projects you come across.

–Mattie Schuler

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