Necky Vector
Necky Vector

Necky Vector 13 Kayak

Necky Vector
Berne Broudy

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THE SELL: The big daddy of sit-on-tops. THE TEST: On hot days, we kept cool in the Vector thanks to a self-draining platform, which let paddlers splash about. But though it made a great family toy, it still handled more like a decked kayak than a sit-on-top. The footbraces are adjustable while you’re paddling, and a low-profile backband is compatible with most life jackets. The stern hatch held an entire picnic and extra clothes on a day trip to Vermont’s Waterbury Reservoir, while the day hatch protected small personal items. In cooler temps, two pairs of scupper plugs should keep water from seeping up into the boat. Add a rudder ($200 extra) for strong seas. THE VERDICT: Guaranteed years of fun. 13′, 59 lbs;
Stability: 4.5
Maneuverability: 4.5

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