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Watch How to Pack Your Ski Bag

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People have very strong opinions on the best way to pack ski gear for a flight. Some prefer to cram everything into one bag, others separate their equipment out of fear of losing luggage, and still others are adamant about putting their boots in their carry-on (no matter how smelly). In this video, Bryan Rogala shows us his preferred method. Read the full article here.  

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Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] BRYAN ROGALA: Hey, everybody. Bryan Rogala here for Outside. Today I'm going to show you how to pack a ski bag. So I've got everything laid out behind me. We're going to pack this thing up, but I'll show you what I like to do. 

So this is the ski bag that I use. It's the Thule RoundTrip Roller. This is the double bag. Even if you're not bringing two pairs of skis with you, it makes it really easy to pack all of your other stuff in one bag. You can save on baggage fees that way as long as you stay under that 50 pound weight limit. 

So a lot of people just lay their skis straight into the bag like this with the skis sort of attached how you would normally store them. But I think it's better if you lay them in with the bases flat. Now, that mean you're going to need to use a rubber band or some ski straps to hold those brakes up and out of the way. This also keeps your bag from sagging, which is kind of annoying as you're going through the airport and you've got kind of a floppy ski bag. Nobody wants that. 

Next step is the boots. Now, for this, some people keep a separate boot bag. I don't think you need to do that, especially if you have a double ski bag. I like to keep my boots in here unless I'm going on a flight with maybe a tight connection or I'm going overseas, in which case I will definitely carry the boots 

On. So I take my ski socks, and I stuff them in the boots. I lay the boots in there just like that. And once I get my boots in there, I pretty much just start filling up all of the extra space mainly with clothing. That's going help protect your skis. 

For things like gloves and buffs and hats, smaller things, the RoundTrip bag comes with this little pocket right here. I like to keep those things in here so I can keep track of them and I don't lose them. And then, finally, my last tip is to make sure I put my goggles inside my ski helmet so they won't get crushed or scratched. 

OK, so there you go. That's how you pack a ski bag for a flight. Hopefully this helps you out and makes packing for your next ski trip a little bit easier. 

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